The Dream Team Game


By Jacob Stone

If you could pick any team to save the world what would it be? With the dream team game, you can do exactly that.

The Steps

First, you need to pick a threat to the world, universe, or some fiction universe. To make this step more challenging, it should be picked by a friend, so you don’t really know what you are delving into. Next, you must pick a category, it can literally be any category you can think of. If you choose to, you can just pick anyone you want not pertaining to just one category. For example, you can choose superheroes, supervillains, sci-fi characters, Disney princesses, and the list goes on and on. I like to limit myself to a certain amount of people, but you can make a whole army of people if you so choose or you can let your friend pick the limits and the category. After the picking process, you should come up with a short story as to why you picked the team that you picked and how they will thwart the villain, and ultimately save the universe. Now I will be doing an example just to kind of showcase the game.

An Example

Image result

I, by no means, am an expert and I’d love to hear the scenarios you and your friends make up. So first, I will choose my enemy for the scenario which in this case will be five Justice League heroes (remember the enemy does not have to be evil it can be anything) which will be Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern.

Now just to keep up the Theme I will choose a team of Five DC villains.

Lex Luthor

I chose Lex because he is one of the few DC villains that knows how to acquire cryptonite; therefore, countering the strongest hero in the justice league, Superman.  He also has a cool super suit.

Ra’s al Ghul

Image result

I picked Ra’s al Ghul because he taught Batman how to fight and would be and excellent counter to him.

Poison Ivy

Related image

I chose Poison Ivy because she has the power to infatuate most living beings, so I would use that power to infatuate the flash to use his super speed to distract wonder woman while Poison Ivy Fights The Green Lantern.

Solomon Grundy

Image result

I picked Solomon Grundy for his brute strength against wonder woman because I don’t think there’s anyway she has the ability or the reflexes to hold off The Flash and Solomon.


Image result for deadshot

I chose Deadshot to finish off Green Lantern because he isn’t immune to bullets, and Deadshot never misses. I suppose he would also finish off the infatuated Flash.

You can get a whole lot more in depth with this game, but this was just something I threw together. I hope this article inspires you to save the world.



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