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The Yearly Yawp

By Maya Dally

Are you a poet and nobody knows it? Great news! You now have the opportunity to submit your own writing to our school’s poetry book, The Yearly Yawp. The book is set up and published by Mr. Whitehead and Ms. Toomoth, who published the first edition of the book last year. It gained a lot of submissions and sold about a hundred copies. They opened up new doors for our school’s writers to get their poetry read and recognized by the people in our community, including family and friends.


Scott Franks, senior, submitted multiple times to last year’s Yearly Yawp!


Many of the students who submitted last year had a great experience with it. Bryan Rock, senior said, “It was really fun to do. I think everyone should take advantage of this because it really let me express how I feel through poetry.” The students that submitted weren’t the only ones who thoroughly enjoyed it. Mr. Wilke was a big supporter of the book.

“It was so awesome. My wife doesn’t ever read, but she read through the whole thing twice and found a few poems that she really loved. It was great to share it with someone else.” – Mr. Wilkie

Submitting is simple; if this is something that you are interested in, you can either email Mr. Whitehead or Ms. Toomoth or you can talk to your English teacher and they can give you information about it. Most poems are accepted, but submissions are due by the end of February, so act quick! All proceedings go toward our very own National Honor Society.

Last year’s issue of the Yearly Yawp.

The book’s strange name comes from a Walt Whitman poem titled “Song of Myself”. The line goes,

“I too am not a bit tamed—I too am untranslatable;
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

This was Whitman’s way of saying that there is nothing holding him back, that his voice will be heard by all. There are countless people who write in private, keeping their work to themselves. Now, you can share your poems and your writing with others who share your interests. We all have a barbaric yawp within us. What will it take for yours to be heard?



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