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VG Review: Shadow of Mordor


By Zane Parsons

A hidden story of Middle Earth, this game takes place in the Lord of the Rings before the events of the original trilogy. You play as Talion, a former Ranger, who has been sacrificed to bring back an ancient elf lord by the hand of Sauron. You awaken in a vast gray landscape and then the memories of what happened come back to you all at once. These events thrust you into the open world game.

I really enjoyed the game because the mechanics are fairly easy to master. It can be very satisfying to massacre the enemy. The story and impressing cinematics make the game enjoyable. The game’s story is very impressive and has an interesting viewpoint to the Lord of the Rings story.

Now fused with the wraith Celebrimbor and unable to stay dead, you go on a rampage while getting used to the abilities the Wraith gives you as well as gaining an understanding of the orc society within Mordor. You help Celebrimbor learn who he is and help him gain abilities. You can choose your own playstyle, and change it up whenever you choose.

Warning: The next section may contain spoilers as to who Celebrimbor is.

The main antagonist in Lord of the Rings is Sauron, or the Dark Lord. Sauron tricked Celebrimbor into making the rings of power and betrayed him. These events inspired Celebrimbor into becoming the Bright Lord. Celebrimbor is kind of like the polar opposite of Sauron.

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