Deputy Donut

By Tyler Leach and Maya Dally

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new member of McDonald County High. His name is Deputy Donut, and he was brought here to serve our school. This little baby pig has been brought in with open arms and lots of supporters. Our very own Resource Officer, Buck, adopted the pig from one of MCHS’s students, Summer McCool.

“Other school resource officers do different things like bringing in dogs on certain days, and I knew I wanted to do something like that. I ended up getting the pig because it’s my job to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the kids. It’s a great conversation starter.” –  Buck

Deputy Donut posing for a photo.

Since Deputy Donut has arrived, he has gained quite the following, even with his own social media. He currently has an Instagram account (@deputy_donut_srp) with about 465 followers. He has also made his way around the county, going to Southwest City for a career fair. He’s become quite famous around the school, and even outside of it.

This little piggy has been a huge hit with the students as well. He is like a celebrity here at MCHS. Everyone is talking about him, and everyone wants to get a picture with him. If you are wondering how Deputy Donut feels about all of this, he loves it. He enjoys interacting with people and getting attention, but only if he wants to. He can be quite particular at times when he’s moody or hungry. He’s a handful, but everyone loves him

With Buck’s busy schedule, he isn’t always there to take care of Deputy Donut during school, which is where Mrs. Stark comes in. During the school day, Deputy Donut stays in Mrs. Stark’s room in his little playpen. He is able to interact with the kids and form a more social personality, which is something Buck was hoping for.

“Helping take care of Deputy Donut has been awesome, he has quite the personality. For starters, he gets very moody, and isn’t afraid to let you know when he wants out of his pen.” – Mrs. Stark

Stark went on to say that Deputy Donut can be rambunctious and loud at times. At one minute, he could be sleeping peacefully, and the next he’s eating your shoes. He also loves all chips, except Hot Cheetos.

“He’s fat like his daddy.”- Mrs. Stark

Despite all of his newfound fame, Deputy Donut remains humble and continues to accept visitors. The people of MCHS definitely love and appreciate our new member and all he has done and will continue to do for all of us!



  1. Hello my name is Ava I go to white rock we got to see Dupty Donut at robot fest ,he is a sweet littel piggy!I love this article , it shows that peple in our commuty care about us !!!!!!


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