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Book Review: Serpent King



By Eric Teeters

The novel The Serpent King by Jeff  Zentner is about dealing with people who think you made the wrong decisions, and each right decision made is still the wrong decision in some people’s eyes. The novel takes place in a town in Tennessee where there is a boy who shares a name with his father, but that name isn’t the name someone wants to have. The novel is about the boy and dealing with his church and his society persecuting him over what his father did; some say he should have taken the fall for his father to keep him out of prison, and others don’t take kindly to his name at all because of his father. So in this coming of age story, we learn how to appreciate our friends and what they do for us, and maybe look more into their situation for it may not be as bad as yours but they still need help just like you. It is a really good read and I highly recommend it to those who like a good read to have faith in friendships.

I read this book in the span of one week, so it is a pretty quick read. However, just because it was a quick read didn’t make it any less good. I loved this book, and honestly, it was one of those few books that make me an emotional wreck. I don’t know why I had such an emotional attachment to the book or the story, but just the general story of friends and someone getting through the torment of others gets to me. The author of this story did an amazing job of actually capturing the pure emotion of having best friends who stick by your side even when things get rough.

If you read all books from a very observing perspective, you can take a lesson from all stories, but some lessons are needed even in today’s society. I think that the lesson of this story was that no matter where life may lead you or your friends if they are truly your friends, they will always have your back no matter what. I have no idea what was running through the mind of this author when he was writing this novel or what may have been going on his life, but I do know that he captured the essence of true friendship in tough times. I have great friends and I know they would have my back whenever I need them. When reading this book, my faith in my friends was reassured and in knowing they have my back, they can be assured that I will have theirs. So if you like a good story with religious themes, friendship, and emotional feels; then get down to your local library and check out The Serpent King by Jeff  Zentner.

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