Tips For A Better Lifestyle


By Mallory Carpenter

1. Tips For Better Habits

  • One way to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a new one. Don’t try to stop it all in one day, that never works. Just start simple, take a few days at a time, slowly wean off your habit. 
  • Remind yourself that you are trying to break this habit. Around 2 weeks, you will start to forget. Keep yourself focused. 
  • Only make a change if it feels right. If it is going to change your life in some negative way, do not go through with it. Make your life better, not worse. 

2. Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Stay physically active in any way. As long as you stay active and maybe even work out, you will maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Now you need to balance your exercise with a healthy diet. Drinking tons of water daily and managing calorie intake will also increase metabolism and help you lose weight.
  • MAKE SURE YOU EAT ENOUGH. Starving yourself is no way to lose weight and maintain healthily. 
  • Stay positive. If you struggle with insecurity and weight issues, don’t get discouraged. Everyone is beautiful! If you want to get healthy, do it for you, don’t do it for anyone else. 


3. Tips For Putting Yourself First

  • Don’t think of it as being selfish; think of it as making time for yourself.
  • You are important too. You might love making others happy, but you need to keep yourself happy as too.
  • It does not make you a bad person to care about yourself; it actually makes your life a little better and less stressful.



In Conclusion

The main reason I wrote this was to ensure that people know how to stay happy. Times are tough, and sometimes we need a little help to make life happier and less stressed. Stay happy, healthy, and positive, and your life will improve!



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