Movie Review: Den of Thieves

By Kayla Mustain

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To be honest the only reason I wanted to watch this movie was because Gerard Butler starred in it. The storyline was what kept me interested.

“Big Nick, original gangsta cop in the flesh.” -Tony Z

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Gerard Butler is the bad cop that is good at getting the bad guys. He is known as the boss of the Regulators, which is a small unit of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. To the cons everywhere, he is to be feared for sure. The most experienced group of cons in Los Angeles, the Outlaws (little cliche I have to admit), are a bunch of ex-military. The Outlaws use their knowledge and skills to create a perfect circumstance where they avoid the law. As soon as Gerard’s character, Nick, hears of the Outlaws latest feat, he decides to take up the unique case.

“You’re not the bad guys, we are.” -Nick

The movie has a lot of back and forth between the Regulators and the Outlaws. In the end, you will end up like me, unsure of which side to pick and who the good/bad guy even is. There is quite a bit of foreshadowing and little clues that make you believe the movie is going to go a completely different way than it actually ends up going.

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 “We got a problem. It’s a major crime. Get to know your enemy, boys. Every big-time crew has been busted, these are the guys who took them down.”

Den of Thieves is more about the process of planning a heist than the process of law enforcement. The Regulators aren’t exactly good but they aren’t completely bad. The Regulators are loyal to each other and fierce, same as the Outlaws. The only problem they have is each other.

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