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Top 6 McDonald County Fortnite Plays

By Jacob Cooper 

Fortnite Fever has been breaking out in recent months. With their top player count hitting 3.4 million and surpassing PUBG,  you can expect a good group of players in Mcdonald County, so let’s dive into McDonald County’s first ever Top 6 Fortnite Plays.

(Submitted by Marshall Foreman) Despite the crappy quality, this play was nothing sort of awesome.  Landing the beautiful snipe shot with quick reflexes, this play deserves to be in this Top 6.

(Submitted by Logan Ginger) This invisible snipe shot was one for the books. Whether it was luck or if it was pure skill, it doesn’t matter. This was a legendary shot, and this is why it is in this Top 6.

(Submitted by Izak Johnson) This play was shooting ducks out of the sky, finding the sniper, locating the target, and boom.

(Submitted by Taylor Gilliam) This is one of the funniest clips submitted. Ever since the Impulse grenade was introduced in the latest patch update, people have been testing out how it works. This play submitted shows one of the funniest kills and one of the funniest reactions.

(Submitted by Bryce Westgate) This quick thinking and the sniping definitely deserves to be on this list.

(Submitted by Elijah Habert) This double shot was epic. The precision and accuracy are on point.


  1. I’ve been in ESports for soon to be for 2 year and have always loved playing the games… I’m glad to see that Fortnite is now 1 of the many games we now play in ESports.


  2. I play Fortnite and I like all of the snipes that you added and pubg was kinda of easy so Fortnite is a lot harder to do and do you play Fortnite.


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