Creative Writing Short Story

Creative Writing Insanity=Power (pt 5)

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(This is chapter 5; click here for chapter 1, )

By Eric Teeters

It has been two days since being brought up to the third floor, and everything is going well except for I haven’t seen Lindsey since they took her. I tried asking around where they are taking most of the unstables, and I have only been told that there is another floor with people who are a lot worse than the unstables. Justin and I are still not talking to each other because I refuse to apologize for something I’m not sorry for. Right now, I am looking for a perfect way to get around security up here, and it has proven to be a challenge because every door is being watched heavily. It’s almost like they are afraid of us. I ran into Cameron earlier, and he was muttering something about “They are watching, they are always watching”. I didn’t have time to catch up to him and have him explain.

I needed to get to a guy who has attention deficit disorder (ADD) because he can scan all security checks due to his super speed. I managed to find him in his room strapped to his bed. He must have refused his meds again; he was yelling to be released when I walked in.

“Hey Jacob, how’s it going?” I said sitting in a chair right next to his bed.

“Oh you know I’m fine. Just a little tied up at the moment,” he said rolling his eyes at his joke. “Could you help me here?”

I started untying his straps “So refuse your meds again did we?”

“Yeah, but it’s not like I did it without reason.”

“Oh yeah, and what’s the reason,” I say with a confused look.

“It’s because they aren’t helping. They are making the spasms worse than they need to be,” he said with concern in his eyes.

Jacob is on the third floor not because of his super speed but because he has spasms that cause him to vibrate through objects including walls and floors. He can vibrate through objects because he can cause his molecules to speed up and the molecules of the object to speed up the same until he has passed safely through. He isn’t a bad guy just like Justin had a brain disorder and got a power and he was thrown in here with us. I don’t know everyone’s story of how they wound up in this place, but each and every one of them is unjustified. They threw us in here and treat us like animals and skip over the fact that we are just people who need help, and what makes it worse is that the eye of the public can’t see why this is bad for us and how it isn’t help. I started thinking about this while undoing the straps on Jacobs bed and my hand heated up that it burnt the strap releasing him.

“There we go, all free.” I said, standing up breathing out cooling off.

“Well not all free. We are still in this place,” he says standing up, “So what did you need, cause people usual need something from me.”

“Well you can’t tell anyone else because we can’t have to many people knowing what I am doing,” I say whispering.

“Just tell me and maybe I can help.”

I sit back in the chair and put my hands behind my head, “all I need from you is to keep an eye on all the security checks and let me know if there is ever a free time to make a move out of the doors.”

“Oh easy enough, your just gonna waltz right out the front door,” he says laughing at the idea.

“Well yea that was the plan,” I say giving a smirk, “It’s not like we aren’t powerless.”

He looks at me worried, “You aren’t?” He ask with a concerned look, “What do you mean by that.”

“I’m not going out the doors alone,” I say sitting up, ” I’m also not escaping just yet I need to get up higher.”

He looks at me confused, “There is nothing higher it is just offices and stuff.”

“I don’t think so, they took my friend up there and I have suspicion that they are holding my mom up there to,” I say standing up, “Man I know this is dangerous, but if I can get up there to them and possibly the rest if there is anymore up there then we can quote on quote storm the castle.”

“Look man I’ll do it and I’ll come with you, but this is crazy.”

I look at him and smile, “that’s why we are in here.”

After leaving Jacob’s room I head back to my cell where Justin was reading a book and laying on his bed. I had a lot of time to think about when I was with Jacob planning our escape and I sit on my bed and start updating the journal. I look over at Justin as he flips another page, then breaks the silence “did you visit Jacob like you said you were going to do.”

“Yea, I did and he said he would help,” I say finishing up the update and I look over at him, “look man I was thinking…”

“Oh, no who is going to get burned this time,” he said with a snide smirk.

“No one is getting burned all I wanted to say is that I am sorry,” I say stretching my hand out so we could shake, “and I was hoping you would play part in my escape plan.”

Justin looked at me with a blank face and after a minute or two he took my outstretched hand and shook it “I was always in on your escape plan, and I had time to think to I overreacted to be pushed into the third floor.”

“Well it is no ones cup of tea so I understand the anger,” I say laughing, “but hey look we have to go higher before we can get out though.”

“Oh, really now and why would that be.”

“Like I told Jacob I have suspicion that they are holding more unstables up there and not telling anyone,” I say sitting up on my bed leaning against the wall “I also think they may have my mom up there.”

Justin gave me the blank face again, “where is this suspicion coming from.”

I look at him nervously, “Well after the whole attack on the yard we were in the infirmary and the warden came in to see us,” I say my words firm and cold, “and he said that my mother was on the third floor and she is no where to be seen,” I say as I leave out the little detail of my mom visiting me in a spectral form.

“Okay, and how would the warden even know your mother and why would he tell you,” he says putting the book away, “I think that he is just getting a rise out of you.”

“Well he is getting a rise out of me he always has ever since I was young,” I say the wall behind me starting to freeze.

“Wait do you know the warden.”

“He is my father, and he is always trying to push my buttons and it works every time,”  I say as the wall starts coating in ice shards.

Justin sees the shards, “well don’t let him get to you as much,” he says pointing to the shards

I notice the shards and scoot away from the wall, ” I wouldn’t let it get to me, but out of the years of him pushing my buttons he has never used my mom against me and now I am going to do something about it,” I say as the bed starts to freeze more than the wall.

“Okay man whatever it takes we will get every person out of this prison,” he says standing up “even if it means taking out some of the normies with us.”

I laugh and the bed starts thawing and the ice starts melting “That is the spirit the whole world is going to know we were here and they will know our names.”

A few hours later me and Justin were sitting in the room reading when Yee steps in. I look up from my book and say “What’s up, you don’t usually come to our side of the floor.”

Yee looks at us with full seriousness “they took him, and I don’t know where Ali is either.”

Me and Justin stand up quickly “what!!!” we both say yelling.

“Yea he was muttering something to himself and I was going to play chess with him and guards held me back and they started cuffing him,” he says with a shaky breath, “then I went looking for Ali to see where you were to tell you but she is no where to be found either.”

I breathe in deeply, “Okay we can handle this, lets go.”

Justin and Yee both ask “Where are we going?”

“Just follow,” I say as I leave the room.

I leave the room with Yee and Justin behind me and I start noticing that the population of the third floor is looking pretty thin. We were heading towards Jacob’s room when we are stopped by some guards with their guns trained on us, and we put our hands up as we do this pass the guards I see them cuffing people and leading them away. After the cuffed were gone the guards moved passed us and I continued to Jacobs room. This was starting to worry me more and more where could they possibly be taking them and more importantly what are they doing to them. We turn the corner to the hall that Jacob’s room was on and the traffic there was drastically cut in half and this worried me even more because all I could think about is did they get to Jacob. We got to the room and it was empty as I had thought would of happened they took him to the higher floors.

Just as I was about to leave a man in a guard uniform walked in and leaned against the wall, “he was taken up not to long ago, you actually just missed him.”

I hadn’t turned around but I knew who it was by the voice, “Why are you down here don’t you have paperwork to sort through.”

“Oh Eric you know that I wouldn’t miss a chance to see you,” he says with a sarcastic tone, “Be a nice boy and go to your cell.”

I turn around to meet his gaze, “don’t you dare treat me like some obedient puppy,” I am now seething with rage and can feel the heat rising in my body, “and don’t expect me to listen for how you treated me when I was a kid dad.”

Yee and Justin had stepped back because the heat radiating off of me was starting to heat up the room and I could see the sweat on my dad’s forehead. I felt the flame come out of my hand but not in a stream of flame but in a controlled little ball, and I was just getting angrier. My dad took a step forward and I shot a flame right in front of him singeing the floor, and as the floor was burned he took a step back.

“Now come on can’t we resolve our problems like adults,” he said leaning against the wall again.

I grit my teeth together, “you should of thought about that before letting me get locked away,” I say clenching my fist, “why are you even here.”

“I just wanted to check up on you, and I put you in here for your own good,” he say walking a little towards me.

“Oh don’t you say that you put me in here to get rid of me,” I say letting the words become cold as ice letting the other side of me take over a bit.

“You are powerful and dare I say it unstable and can’t be controlled,” he says putting his hands up as to try to calm me down, “but I only wanted the best for you.”

“Don’t give me that crap you never cared about me, you only saw the worst in me.”

“That’s not true and you know it,” he says getting closer.

“I’ve never said a more true statement in my life,” I say as I let the fire out and burn the floor around him to try and scare him off. Yee and Justin behind me get in a fighting stance ready to attack at a moments notice. I stop my dad from moving any further towards me and he starts laughing.

“What’s so funny,” I say my hands still in fists.

“It’s just you know I thought I was going to keep this a secret but even if you told someone they wouldn’t believe you,” he starts rolling up his sleeves while laughing.

“Tell them what, what are you even talking about,” I say backing up to Yee and Justin.

“Oh don’t worry you will see in just a sec,” he starts laughing more as he backs up a bit.

I start getting worried and then my dad backs up and places one hand out and I close my eyes waiting for the impact. I open my eyes and look around and his hand is still suspended in air acting like he is going to do something. I start laughing because whatever he was trying to do wasn’t working and he obviously didn’t see that.

“What was that suppose to do,” I say through my laughter.

“I don’t think it is doing anything,” Yee entered in, “It’s like he wants a power but he doesn’t have one,” Justin said after Yee.

My dad starts laughing with his hand out, “Well looks like it didn’t do anything go ahead and go.”

“Come on guys lets go he’s a waste of our time, good luck dad with your future endeavors,” I say as I start to walk away. As I try walking away I feel this mass weigh on my body and I hit the ground screaming in pain. Yee and Justin stay where they are at as I hit the floor and my dad starts laughing. I feel all the bones in my body start to break and my body is on fire with pain. I am rolling on the floor in pain when I say ” make it stop!!!” I yell from in between screaming.

“You thought you were the only one who had powers,” he says squatting down to talk to me on the floor.

“Why are you doing this.”

“This is actually quite interesting,” he says standing up and starts pacing, “You see we have came out with a new drug that can help refine the mental capacity of everyone in this asylum.”

“Then why are you taking the patients up higher,” I say from the floor the pain dying down.

“That is another interesting thing, you see with the drug refining their mind it also gives access to a type of hypnotism and we can control them,” He says walking over to the door.

“Why is controlling them so important,” I say as Yee and Justin help me up.

“Well I don’t want to tell you but what else do I have to lose,” He says moving towards the door, “We are going to be using them in a military action.”

“You can’t do that they are still people, not just robots you can’t just control them without their permission,” I say holding my side from the pain.

“It’s funny because it turns out that I actually can and there is nothing you can do about it,” he says turning to leave, “also another thing you’ll probably never see your friends again so start gripping that fact right now.”

“You pathetic human being I’ll stop you even if it stops me, even if it kills me,” after exchanging our final words he leaves.

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