Creative Writing Short Story

Creative Writing: Insanity=Power (Pt. 6)


(This is chapter 6; click here for chapter 1, )

By Eric Teeters

After my father leaves, I finally recover from feeling like I am about to die, and I sit on the cell’s bed and get my bearings straight. Yee and Justin are sitting against the wall across from me their head hung in solemn disgrace. The thing is I don’t even feel angry anymore like I did when I confronted my father I was just defeated and I knew I couldn’t do anything about it, and it just made me feel tired. Try as I may I couldn’t even bring fire to my hand no matter how hard I tried to make myself angry his words just kept coming back to me. How could anybody use the people locked up here as weapons, and why hasn’t anybody spoke out against this yet.

It is five years ago, there is a boy who is worried about doing well in school and a father who doesn’t do anything but work and can’t help him. It is only the boy and his father now because the boy’s mother was institutionalized, and hasn’t been around since the boy was three. The boy sits at the kitchen table with books and papers strewn all across the top, and he sits scratching his head as he tries over a math problem. A man that looks as if he hasn’t shaved in days and smells of alcohol walks through the door with grocery bags and sets them down on the table all over the boy’s work. The boy moves the grocery bags over and continues to work, but this enrages the man, and the man slings the books and papers all over the floor and yells at the boy to clean the mess up. 

Later that night the boy is sulking in his room and has his books packed up and all his homework done. The man from earlier walks into the threshold with no door because the door hasn’t been on the hinges since his mother was put away. The boy looks up with strong, determined eyes and doesn’t say anything just looks the man in the eyes almost challenging him. If the man picks up the challenge he doesn’t show it in any facial expressions, and grabs the boy’s computer chair from his desk and sits in front of him looking into the boy’s eyes. The boy has given up a long time ago expecting an apology from this man because he knows deep under the unshaven face and deep dark eyes there is a man who knows not what he does.

The man scoots the chair closer to the boy where the knees are a couple of inches away, and the man’s breath smells of alcohol more than his clothes do. The boy does everything in his power to keep from gagging and manages to keep a firm stare with the man. The man puts a hand on the boy’s shoulder; the boy is shocked when the touch is not hard and firm, but soft and gentle. The boy looked from the hand of the man who just threw his things across the room from and anger and sensed the anger had left and that anguish was all that was left. When the boy looked up into the man’s eyes he saw nothing but the tear falling silently from the man’s eye, and the boy couldn’t help but feel sorry for this man because he shared the same hurt with him. The man finally caught his breath and with trembling in his voice said “The things we don’t do in life; are the same things we will regret when we are dead.” With that line, the man wrapped the boy in a hug and left with the boy in tears and the man still holding strong though from the look of him he was broken inside; much like the boy.

I wake up with a start already sensing things are different around me, and sitting up I see that they are because I am no longer in a cell; in fact, I am suspended in nothing. I start panicking because I think this is Yee’s power trying to calm me down, but then as I settle down and think over my options I see the source of this dream realm. It is a woman in a shining light that is floating; she is glowing like an angel and is as beautiful as ever. Just like before I know who this is before I am introduced “Hello mom, you’ve have come to me again.”

“Yes dear, I have come to tell you again that your father is just a misunderstood creature; he is only doing what he thinks is right.” She says floating over to me placing her hand on my cheek.

I see that she is shorter than me by a lot, but I mean I have grown since the last time she saw me. “No, he isn’t, he can’t be. He only thinks of himself.” I said pushing her hand away.

“Son, he has always done what was done best for you,” She says pulling me into a hug, ” I have always been there because I have always been aware of this power, I have seen everything you’ve been through.”

“He is going to make me and my friends into military weapons,” I say almost shouting feeling the anger burn through me once again, “I can’t possibly let him get away with that; because you say he is doing what he thinks is right, I just have one question. Why isn’t he in here?”

“Give him a chance to do the right thing he may surprise you,” She says before the air around us starts vibrating, ” You gotta go, just gotta show forgiveness son which means you have to get out of this place first, I love you.”

” I love you to mom,” I say as I am being shaken awake by Yee and Justin, “What is going on, are they taking more people?”

Yee and Justin look as if they have seen a ghost, but I can’t see why because the cell is as it was when I apparently passed out. They are still when I open my eyes and sit up Yee backs up against the wall and Justin scoots farther down the bed.

“What is going on here,” I say as I eye both of them ” What happened, I was just asleep.”

Yee moves away from the wall, “Dude you had no pulse for a couple of hours,” He sits next to Justin who still looks pulse, “You were legally dead, we thought your dad really messed you up.”

“No, he doesn’t have the willpower to kill me,” I say standing up and start pacing the room, ” I know the one person who will stop him, but we have to get out of here first.”

“What! Who?” Yee and Justin say together.

I stop pacing and look at them with fire in my eyes, and I could see their confusion which made me falter and think that this wouldn’t work.

“We need to break out of the third floor,” I say with my voice as hard as I felt my stare was,”My mom is here somewhere and it is higher than the third floor.”

Yee stands up quick and almost falls into me, “We need to do what?” Justin follows him and we are standing in a tightly knit group, ” Yea Eric there is no way we are getting out of the third floor undetected,” Justin says putting a hand on my shoulder.

“You see I think that we can, but I need some time to come up with a plan,” I say moving Justin’s hand away from my shoulder, “There has to be someone in their guard who will help; you know someone who could help.”

“Oh yeah, like there are so many guards out there who actually want to help us,” Yee says throwing his hands up in the air.

“Well not with that kind of attitude,” I say rolling my eyes at him, “I’m just saying there has got to be a way to get around this facility undetected.”

Yee grabs the bridge of his nose and shakes his head, ” I just don’t think it is a good idea, and I don’t think it will work.”

We sit there for a few seconds with our group, not moving from our spot, and when we hear someone clear their throat behind us ” I could help.” We all jump at the voice and turn around to see a guy standing in the doorway. I didn’t know who this guy was because he wasn’t in the asylum’s jumpsuits or in guards uniform he was in normal everyday clothes. He stood about my height maybe a little taller, with sandy blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. I jump on the defensive as fast as I can, “How much did you hear and how much do you value your life to keep it a secret.”

The guy just steps into the room with a smirk, “Well lets exchange pleasantries, I am Zane Parsons, and you must be Eric Teeters.”

I take a step back, “How do you know my name?” I say standing far as I can from this mystery guy.

Zane laughs and points at Yee, ” Your Yee Leng, an outcast among most, but not now right; you were brought in after you were seen putting bullies in a state of guilt that drove them insane.”

I just look at Yee because I never knew he was treated like that. Zane points at Justin with a click of his tongue, ” You, poor boy, caught the bad side of the crazy stick; I mean just a stuttering problem no reason to institutionalize someone right? I mean that was before you were caught stealing money out of an ATM with your ability.” Zane then finally intertwines his hands and looks me dead in the eyes and smiles.

” Why are you looking at me?” I couldn’t help ask, because I already know the answer.

Zane just starts chuckling softly, “Well Mr. Teeters, I’m looking at you because out of all the people in this room you are the only one who has committed murder. I mean if that report was true, what was it like 120 of enforcers dead from your attack on them. That is what I read anyways.”

I feel as if someone has just punched me in the throat and I am now suffocating on the very same air I’m trying to breathe, “It’s not the whole truth,” I say choking it out under my breath.

Zane smirks, “Oh, is that right?” he says with a defiant tone, “Please enlighten me.”

“I don’t owe you an explanation,” I say growling every word, “My question is that why do you wanna help us?”

“Well you see I am responsible for filing and getting all of you organized for your cells, and you and Justin’s files just resurfaced with your transfer to the third floor,” Zane stands up and moves right in front of me, ” I knew I had to meet the two guys who were crazy enough to get there self-thrown up here.”

“It doesn’t explain why you wanna help us,” I say grinding my teeth.

“Oh, but you see it is only a part of what I want,” he says getting a vicious grin on his face, “or did you think you were getting out without helping me.”

“There is always a stipulation isn’t there,” I say weighing my options, there aren’t many options on my table, but I can’t trust this guy I don’t even know him.

“Not a stipulation,” Zane said the grin still plastered on his face, “More of a fair trade, you get what you want and I get what I want.”

I gave it a second thought and knew that I didn’t have any other choice, “fine we will help you, what do you want.”

Zane clapped his hands once and smiled, “that’s great, I will return in a couple of days to retrieve you, be ready.” Zane started towards the door when I called out to him, “Hey wait!!” He stops at the door and turns around and meets my gaze with that same smile as before, “You never said what you wanted in return.”

He just threw his hands up, “Oh right, I almost forgot,” he moved a little closer towards me, “I don’t really want much, not really anyways, all I want is for you to kill your father,” He says in a voice that rings in my ears, as he claps his hands again and turns towards the door, “Remember two days, be ready.” With that he was gone just like my father in the same manner too, revealing the wickedness of humanity once again. Though to get out of here I need Zane’s help so I must do the inevitable; when we get out of here I will kill my father.




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