VG Review – Mass Effect Andromeda

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By Zane Parsons

Mass Effect Andromeda is a part of the Mass Effect series. I liked the game, but don’t get me wrong it has it’s flaws. However, I don’t think it deserved the hate it got originally. The game added jump jets, which allows you to dash short distances to dodge gunfire. this adds a new mechanic to the game-play. The story behind the game is interesting and fun to play.

The story is also expanded with the multiplayer Apex Missions, but they are also only available online. The missions are carried out by strike teams separate from your main team in the single player play-through. You have been given the authority to give the orders from the strike team leader. The game has wonderful graphics and the views of the landscapes are beautiful. The planets are also very different and vary from Earth and make for an original experience.

The game has some original concepts for enemies and alien species in the new galaxy. In my opinion, they look a little weird. You are able to craft weapons from the various species and lifeforms that are vastly different from the Milky Way weapons. They also behave differently. Now what I mean by that is they may be lazer weapons or chargeable plasma weapons. Your job as Pathfinder is to find a way through the galaxy, and make the worlds habitable for the races that went with the Andromeda Initiative.

I enjoyed the games differences from past Mass Effect games because I really didn’t like the others. I enjoyed being able to choose how the Pathfinder was viewed through my actions in the game.


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