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Book Review: Torn

By Tierra Welch

When Wendy Everly finds out the truth about herself she knows her life will never be the same especially figuring how powerful she really is and what connection she has with her enemies the Vittra. And she knows they’ll stop at nothing to get her and have her at their side. But with her mother’s failing health she must face the fact that she will lead the Trylle a lot sooner than she expected. With her already fiery attraction to the tracker, Finn, she meets her enemy Vittra, only to have a curious attraction to Loki, the Vittra prince. But her duty will cause her to walk away from both of them and lead the Trylle. She’s never been so torn between duty and love, her people or her heart.

She must go against everything she wants for the better of her people. That would mean that she will need to even leave the safety of her castle right into her enemies hands and make her people prosper.

But in the end, will she choose love or duty? Loki or Finn? Trylle or Vittra? It’s all Torn in her heart.

Torn by Amanda Hocking is the second book of the Trylle trilogy sequel to Switched. It’s wonderful and a roller coaster of emotions. You will fall in love with new characters and see your beloved older characters. I rate this book five stars out of five.


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