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Top 5 Worst Live Action Nick Sitcoms

By Michael Mann

Nick, what used to be known as a really good place for live action sitcoms, has now become a place where lackluster comedy sitcoms plague the channel. I’ll be going over the worst of the worst today in the worst live-action Nick sitcoms.

Note: this list will not contain sitcoms such as Every Witch Way because they are both very terrible and not considered to even be a Nick sitcom since they are short lived and rarely aired.

With that out of the way, onto the list!

5. The Thundermans

Yes, The Thundermans… oh wait… my bad. Source: NME
Here they are, the REAL Thundermans. Source: Twitter

I just realized this is literally the live-action version of The Incredibles with the addition of two older siblings, think about it, the baby has multiple powers, the father has super strength, even the younger brother has super speed like Dash. The Thundermans is about superheroes who live in the suburbs living the most normal lives they can live with superpowers, hmm sounds familiar… Aside from all the jokes about how this is literally just The Incredibles but worse, each episode has pretty terrible plots and horrendous special effects that deter me from watching the shows. The only good thing I can think of this show is the acting isn’t bad for kid actors; it’s not like the cringe-fest you’ll hear about later in the list.

4. Sam And Cat

Ugh, just ugh. Source: CharityBuzz

Sam was one of the best characters in iCarly, so why they decided to have a spinoff series with the worst character in Victorious is still a mystery to me. Sam & Cat is about Sam from iCarly getting sad and leaving Seattle after Carly goes off to college. She ends up in Hollywood Arts, the same town where Cat lives. Sam ends up saving Cat from being crushed to death while in a dumpster, and in a show of gratefulness, Cat lets Sam live with her. They then become babysitters, and it becomes full of hijinks yadda yadda yadda cliched plots yadda. This show is just terrible. The acting isn’t too bad, but all the stories just seem to be overused and boring, and it doesn’t capture the same feel of the previous series which is a pretty big shame it had potential to be a decent series to carry on the legacy of both Victorious and iCarly, but instead it just made me and many other people just give up on the series entirely.

3. Bella And The Bulldogs

Image result for bella and the bulldogs

The show Bella and the Bulldogs is about a cheerleader named Bella becoming a football player and how the football team has to adjust to a girl playing football. This show is just stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women being able to do anything a guy should do including football, but this is just a stupid show. The reason I say this is because how the show actually treats this. They treat it like a huge freaking deal like as if an asteroid just hit the Earth and killed half the population. It also shows Bella getting all these royalties since she is a girl, which comes off as pretty sexist. This show should be about how girls are the same as boys, but it shows her getting all these luxuries because she is thought of a lot weaker than all the boys on the team. Aside all of that, the plots are pretty stale and are pretty much the same each episode, and the acting is just notorious. I personally just give this one a pass every time it airs (which hasn’t been lately considering it has been canceled).

2. Game Shakers

Photographer: “Everyone look as stupid and entitled as possible for this shot.” Source: Wiki

Ugh. This show… It’s about a group of kids who make a terrible mobile flash game for a science project that becomes popular, so they end up making a company out of it called Game Shakers. The plot doesn’t sound too bad (it’s original at least), but the way it is used is just terrible. The acting like pretty much every series on this is just the worst. The characters are all 2D and never develop, and each episode has the absolute dumbest plots. I remember watching an episode where they decide to buy stuff with some of the money they earned, and one of the girls ends up losing her sweater. They search all over NYC instead of buying a new one, and not surprisingly, they don’t find it maybe because IT IS ACTUALLY  THE BIGGEST CITY IN THE U.S. They end up buying another sweater making the whole episode completely pointless. Like all of the entries on this list, this show is terrible and has no right to be on any T.V. all around the world. Even serial killers in prison don’t deserve to suffer through any of these episodes of this show or any other entry on this list.

Dishonorable Mentions:

School of Rock

-.-     Source: Deadline

A terrible show that should’ve never existed and so forgettable that the only reason it isn’t on this list because I completely forgot about this show until now. It’s just a dumb series that is exactly like the movie starring Jack Black except all the actors are unknown crappy nick actors.

With that out of the way, the absolute worst live-action nick sitcom to ever air without a doubt is…

1. Henry Danger

Terrible, just terrible.jpg
Seeing this actually triggers traumatic memories of this show. Source: WordPress

Yes, this show is the absolute worst of all the shows. The story is placed in the city of Swellview (yes, the city is called Swellview) where a kid name Henry stumbles upon the lair that houses the superhero of the city, Captain Man, (YES CAPTAIN MAN IS THE NAME OF THE FREAKING SUPERHERO) and becomes his sidekick, even though Captain Man is literally a Superman who doesn’t have a Kryptonite. You might be thinking “It’s bad but it’s not as bad as the other shows.” Well, I find this to be the worst for one major reason, IT HAS FOUR SEASONS AND IT’S STILL GOING.

I don’t understand. This is one of the worst and cringiest shows to ever air on television, and it’s for some reason popular enough to actually have four seasons and an animated series based around the show. Yes, they made an animated show, The Adventures of Kid Danger, a terribly animated, lazy, cheaply put together series, that was a desperate attempt to boost the ratings of the show. Aside from it still airing, all the actors especially the kid ones are absolutely terrible, Jace Norman (Henry) can’t act if his LIFE DEPENDED ON IT, and Henry’s sister makes me want to smash my television every time she opens her mouth, and Jasper, oh god this kid, I can’t even explain how much I despise this kid’s acting. Don’t get me wrong, the adults are no better, but god, these kids! I know I’m not any better at acting, but I’m not paid to actually act like these people are, and also, I know that I am bad at acting. It looks like these people think that they are actually deserving of the title of AN ACTOR.

It’s not only just the “actors” that make me hate this show; the story itself is cliched and done in just a terrible way. It’s pretty much “what if Superman had a whiny sidekick that tells all his friends he knows him.” I asked my sister why she watches this garbage, and every time she admits it’s bad but still continues watching it for whatever reason. I watched all I ever wanted to watch of this show, and no amount of money could convince me to watch even another second of this cringe-worthy garbage show. Bottom line, it’s a terrible show that should never have ever existed in the history of television.

Hope you enjoyed my article. Sorry the last entry was a bit lengthy, but I just needed to express my hatred for the show.

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  1. Well-stated, I agree with almost all your points, except there’s one thing I don’t know whether or not you noticed: since Nickelodeon had given the ax to Dan Schneider, they’re still giving Henry Danger a fifth season, and no doubt they’re still going to forge ahead, with all its pathetic asinine drivel, only without Dan on board. So for now, the show is on summer hiatus, but why? How come? Because since the Incredibles 2 is already breaking box office records, everyone at Nickelodeon, both its top brass and its actors already know they can’t compete, they just want to spare themselves the embarrassment if their show were to still keep running during the summer, but they just don’t want to be upstaged by a box office smash hit that also has a similar premise. So it’s like everyone at Nickelodeon already knows their show is the cheesier, more inferior of the two. (You don’t have to be Einstein or Roger Ebert to see which is the better of the two. I can see that very well for myself.) But once summer’s done, and all the hoopla surrounding the movie is over with, Henry Danger is just forging ahead with season 5. No more Incredibles to compete with , or fear of being upstaged for that matter 😡


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