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Book Review: The Wolf’s Surrender

By Tierra Welch

At Mia’s mercy.

As second in command, Nick Jenner protects the Blackpaw pack, a werewolf pack in a secluded town. It’s quiet until one night Mia D’Alessandro running from her feral date stumbles into a Blackpaw territory. Now Jenner has to protect her with a strange attraction like her own magic is calling out to his. She’s quiet and beautiful, but seem to have something else to her, not normal.

Now in order to protect the pack, he has to keep Mia alive no matter the cost, but she’s also the thing that could destroy his whole world. He will have to decide if she’s really worth it. The attraction between Jenner and Mia is growing despite them fighting against it.  

When he discovers what she really is his life and the life of the pack will be on the line. He will have to either save her or kill her in order to save the pack.

The Wolf’s Surrender by Kendra Leigh Castle is a great young adult book to read in free time. Although I wish it was a little longer, it’s still great that way. I would give it four stars out of five.

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