Commentary: Spaghetti>Toilet Paper

By Cameron Patton

Spaghetti is the best, arguably better than any other food in the universe. Why is that? Well, spaghetti has it all, you have your carbohydrates from the noodles, your vegetables from the tomato sauce, you can throw some cheese on there for your dairy, add some meatballs for protein and have an apple on the side for your fruits. It’s the perfect balance of everything you need in your food pyramid.

Wait, they changed that to a plate, didn’t they? Well, that’s rather dumb. I mean, come on, a pyramid makes more sense than a plate. A pyramid is a concise measurement of the importance and need of each food item. I mean, there are multiple shapes of plates, does that mean I get more servings with a bigger plate? It’s dumb.

Anyways, spaghetti will always be the food of the cosmos. That and ravioli, because, holy crap, you have no idea how many times I’ve come home from a long day of dealing with dumb people, only to be pleasantly surprised at the vicious amount of ravioli in my cabinet. So then I boil up some water, throw some canned ravioli in that pot, then see how long it takes for the can to overheat and explode out that ravioli goodness.

In conclusion, Italian food is a gift from the gods. Praise be.



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