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Wattpad: Top 5 Scary Stories

By Haliegh Lewis

5. Golden Hand

golden hand

A cute widow is moving to a new neighbor and she always wears gloves….everyday. A man (this is told in the first person) is smitten with her and is constantly “bumping” into her on the street. He notices the gloves and asks about them. A couple of months later they are standing in front a priest declaring their love for each other. Will the groom end up with a dirty conscience or rightful justice? Read this story to find out at  

I chose the story Golden Hand because I have (or used to have) the Wattpad app, and this stood out to me as a good clip. The fact that he got what was coming to him in the end proves what goes around comes around.  #Karma. I thought the author did a very good job.

4. Yellow Ribbon

yellow ribbon

Jane wears a yellow ribbon around her neck everyday. Rain or shine, sun or blizzard, she has that ribbon. Johnny thought it was cute in middle school, but now that they are in high school, it doesn’t seem so cute anymore. Eventually, he gets over it and they start dating. Cute couple right? I know. .

Now, for why I chose this story. The ending surprised me and the mental image it gave was….disturbing. Let’s put it that way, I watch and read a lot of disturbing and scary things so the fact that this unsettled me says something.

3. The Piggy Back

download (1)

Story number three is about a married couple whose marriage is becoming strained more and more, but decides to give it another try because the wife discovers she is pregnant. Five years of fighting go on and the husband snaps. The Piggy Back is available at:

I picked this story because it was interesting. I like the middle-ending the most of all, so this definitely had to be on this list.

2. Cell Reflection

cell reflaction

 A man convicted of murder and sentenced to die encounters something unusual. He sees the girl he killed and walks through a portal, “Time of death four thirty-four. Danika is Dead.”

I opted for “Cell Reflection” because it wasn’t the most interesting, but when I shared it, it was liked by a lot of students. So, here we are. I believe the most interesting part of this clip was the announcement of the time where he was pronounced dead.

1. The Clown Statue

clown statue

Finally, story number one, “The Clown Statue”. Parents decide to go out and leave a teenage babysitter to watch their kids. She is only allowed to go into one room and watch TV after she checks on the kids. When she discovers a statue that creeps her out and calls the parents, she has to get the kids and go to the neighbor’s house. The parents didn’t know that they had that statue. For more details here is the link:

Deciding on the number one was tough, so this is the story I chose. I am terrified of clowns. I can handle things like toys but if it’s moving or human….byyye Felicia! But this is just a story,  so I think I can manage. It was interesting and fun in a way I guess. If you are scared more than I am, don’t read this story (unless you think you can handle it). If you aren’t afraid of clowns, then go for it!

Credit to hunnybunny00 on Wattpad for creating such scary stories


  1. I love using wattpad another story you might try is “Finding Humanity” it had me hooked the whole way through. I might have to try some of yours.


  2. This is awesome. The summary’s you wrote are awesome and funny. I went into the website and they’re freaking scary. You should definitely post more like this.


  3. I think it’s cool that someone else loved these stories enough to write about them because I remember reading these stories years ago and they were my favorites.


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