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Brooke England’s Art Concert

By Maya Dally


It’s a well-known fact that music and art go hand in hand, so it’s not surprising that Brooke England’s impromptu guitar playing in art class became a viral sensation. It all started when Tyson Valance left his guitar in art teacher Mrs. Walthall’s classroom. Brooke spotted the stringed instrument and asked if she could play it during class. Recognizing the creative value, of course Walthall had to say yes!

Brooke England first began practicing music when her and her older sister Ryleigh England, senior, started singing with their grandfather’s small band. They also regularly played with their church. Mrs. Walthall only had good things to say about the performance,

I am just so thankful that she was bold enough with her talent and her creativity to share it with the class. I’m really glad she was comfortable enough with us to get up there and really perform. She has a natural gift. Other students were even singing along with her; it was so great to see. – Mrs. Walthall

Brooke played all different types of songs during the R4 art class, including more popular songs and Christian tunes. When asked how it felt to get to share her passion with her peers. Brooke said, “It was a really great opportunity, I really love to perform. I actually have an Instagram for it here!

Here’s what Mrs. Walthall had to say about how the other students responded: “They absolutely loved it, the feeling I got from it all was just so positive. I had some students coming up to me and asking if Brooke could play again. Music and art really go hand in hand, so it was really awesome to see it in this setting. It really improved creativity.”

Brooke’s performance was recorded and posted to Facebook. The video now has almost 200 shares and 10,000 views! You can watch the video here:



  1. Brooke you are so talented and i love how you can make anyone go from having a bad day to having a good day in 5 seconds. You are such a beautiful person! Keep on doing good things! I love you dork!


  2. What a great story to share! It’s so nice to see our students boldly sharing their varied talents with their peers! Our school is lucky to call Brooke our own, and it is so inspiring to see her use her talents in such inspiring ways!


  3. I definitely believe music and art go hand in hand. I live singing and am trying to learn to play the guitar myself. I personally love to sing while I am participating in drawing activities at home and at school. Brooke is an excellent artist and is very kind. Definitely would recommend everyone to view her stuff on Instagram.


  4. Brooke goes to my church and sings there and she is really inspiring. Our church once went to feel the homeless and her and her sister sang to them. They really loved it and so did everyone else who was there. I really love that she is deciding to share her talent with everyone


  5. What an amazing talented girl Brooke is. What a wonderful teacher we have to that allows us to do things like this. Just all good all around!


  6. Brooke is a great person and an amazing singer/performer that I believe has great things ahead of her, and I couldn’t be happier for her. I really hope this video goes viral everywhere and she becomes a hit sensation that I hear on the radio one day.


  7. This was really interesting to read! Thank you for sharing brooks Instagram page because she is truly talented and this article really captured how talented she is!


  8. This is amazing! It shows that everyone has a talent and that you should have the courage to show what you’ve got. I know this will be a life changing event for Brooke and that it will be a amazing adventure.


  9. I have show choir with Brooke B4 and just so amazed with how great her voice is! She truly is probably the best singer I know! I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for her!


  10. This article is really well written, good job to the writer! I think that this is so AMAZING that students, especially Brooke could come out of her shell and not be scared to sing in front of everyone. I also think Brooke has such an beautiful voice.


  11. Brooke is super inspiring. sharing her talent and singing in front of people is way more than I could ever do. I love her singing voice. She is truely blessed with an amazing talent


  12. I love this so much! I saw the video on Facebook and I was so encouraged by Brooke’s bravery. She is so talented and sweet! For once my brother’s irresponsibility turned into something AMAZING!! 😉


  13. Awesome job on this, Maya! You’re a wonderful writer! Brooke has such a lovely voice and it’s really cool how she’s getting recognized for it!


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