Arkansas Vs. Eastern Illinois

By Brandon Howell


With the new razorback season kicking off, it hopefully looks to be a good and successful start to the brand new season under the new head coach, Chad Morris.

The 2018 Razorback Football season came around fast this year, and it was a great start to the season. With a 55-20 win over Eastern Illinois, it was a good start for the brand new head coach, Chad Morris.


Since Arkansas kicked off the new season with a 55-20 win, you can see that the new head coach, Chad Morris, has set up a new and relentless defense. The defense, which forced 5 turnovers, in which all were fumbles. However, you can’t go without mentioning their offense, which had a great passing game all day long. With the total of passing yards equaling 353, out of their 433 total yards combined, and with a passing completion rate of 21-29 (72.4%), it’s not hard to see why. Arkansas’ rushing game was alright, but nowhere near the power of their passing game. With 80 yards rushing, and 37 attempts, it was a dismal day in rushing. But, minus the low rushing numbers, Arkansas will hopefully be able to keep the momentum going into next week, versus Colorado State.



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