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Student Spotlight: Mendy Barnes

By Mattie Leach


This school year, Mrs. Toomoth has introduced a new class called Creative Writing. According to Mrs. Toomoth, “This course is designed to give students the opportunity to think and write creatively”. This week, we have chosen a student in this class to recognize for their exceptional work not only in Creative Writing, but for their all around effort toward being creative. That student is Mendy Barnes. Mendy has been published twice in The Yearly Yawp for her poems “My Heart is Like a Cherry Blossom Tree” and “Wolves are Kinder”. Mendy’s writing teacher says she is “very strong willed, passionate, and opinionated…” These are all qualities that Mrs. Toomoth says are necessary for a good writer.

“I get to learn new things about writing. I am learning how to write on my own, and not care about what other people want. Mrs. Toomoth is helping me to put my feelings into words on the page.” -Mendy Barnes



Mrs. Toomoth, of course, is not the only member of the high school that has been impressed by Mendy.

“Mendy is a truly amazing young lady! Reading with Mendy and having her share her perspective with me is a blessing. There are times when she thinks I’m explaining things to her, but a lot of those times, she makes me see things in a whole different light. Her way with words to describe things never ceases to amaze. There was a book that we were reading once that she told me she wasn’t sure if she liked because it didn’t have the “chair effect”. She explained this to me as the book not keeping her on the edge of her seat wanting to know what was going to happen next.” – Michelle Womack, Library Aide

The praise doesn’t end there.

“Mendy’s greatest strength is her desire to do things. She wants so badly to be able to do all of the things we take for granted. Mendy is taking advantages of opportunities. I love that she wanted to be a library aide this year. She is learning all the time, and she does a great job of learning what she needs to do! I am really proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone. She is very sweet and I wish I could bottle her desire to just do things!” -Mrs. Williams, Librarian

If you have not heard Mendy laugh, you are missing out because according to Mrs. Womack, it is “the best sound  ever and truly infectious”. If you see Mendy in the hall, give her some praise for being such a great student, and we’re sure she’ll brighten your day.


  1. I think more people should be like Mattie leach she’s really responsible and she really cares about school I think she’s a very good example for everyone.


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