Kylie Helm Q&A

By Mattie Leach


Kylie Helm, a senior at MCHS, is unofficially 1st in the state of at bats without a strikeout at around 173; in other words, she hasn’t struck out since sophomore year. She has committed to play softball at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. The softball girls have a record of 15-3.  The softball team will be facing Logan Rogersville on Thursday, September 26th, which will be their senior night where they will be recognizing seniors Kylie Helm, Kaylee Cornell, and Leslie Yousey.

I interviewed Kylie about how the softball season has been going.


How has this season been so far?

Kylie – “It’s gone really good. We just won the tournament we played in. We’ve only lost two games, the teams working together really well.”

How does being a senior leader feel?

“I think I’ve always been a leader, but being a senior, everyone is really looking up to you. You have to pay attention and help everyone out.”

How did the tournament go this weekend

“We won. We only lost our first game. Because everyone was a little tired, it was really nice to have better and harder competition, but we were still able to compete and win”




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