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This Week’s Halftime Show

By Sophia Jaquez

Fear not, the MCHS band’s performance this week is sure to blow you away.

If you have been to the first two home games of the year, and you watch the marching band perform during halftime (which I hope you do) then you might have been a little confused about what was happening during halftime.

For the past two games, the band has been in the stands playing and cheering like we usually do, but some people have told me that during halftime they feel like we are lacking just a little bit. To help clear up some of the confusion, let me tell you exactly what happened during the first two games.

The first home game of the season was on August 31st, and during the halftime show, the band played the first movement called Los Cuervos of their halftime show Ritmos de Passion. There wasn’t much marching in this performance because the band had only received the music and the drill the Friday before.

The second home game of the season was Homecoming, and it rained. As a result of the weather, the band couldn’t march their halftime show. The field was too wet and slippery, so instead they played Los Cuervos and Havana Express, the first two movements of their show, from the stands. This was upsetting not only for the crowd, but also for the band who had both movements ready to march and perform.
Rain ruins everything.

For this Friday’s game (October 5th) you can expect a lot more in the halftime show. The forecast looks clear, so rain shouldn’t get in the way of the performance. I dont want to spoil the performance for you, but I can say that the band has put in so much hard work to learn and polish the music and the marching drill, so be prepared to be blown away!

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  1. i personally think that the last home game half time show was the best out of all of them because we were able to preform and march all 3 songs successfully! 🙂


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