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Is Jojo Siwa Ok?

By Sophia Jaquez

Jojo Siwa has recently become very popular in meme culture for a multitude of reasons, but mostly for her receding hairline. Like many of you, I laughed at the memes, but deep in my heart, I was concerned for her. I wanted to know what was causing this poor girl to be losing her hairline that fast, so I took to the internet in search of the real truth behind Jojo Siwa’s hair.

Before I combed through all of the internet to find the cause of the her hair disaster, I felt I should know a little bit more basic background information on her. Her full name is Joelle Joanie Siwa and she was born on May 19, 2003. She is 15 years old, and is attending 10th grade in a public school. She got her start when she competed on the second series of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and later when she appeared on the show Dance Moms. Jojo is a triple threat when it comes to talent with her dancing, singing, and acting, which led to her making her own merchandise line and signing a contract with Nickelodeon. The biggest boost to her career is her Youtube channel where she posts everything from music videos to daily vlogs, so I started my search for the truth there.

One of the most iconic things about Jojo is her hair bows which she wears on a tight side ponytail. Personally, I have never really had hair long enough to put up in a side ponytail so I googled how to, and one of the first videos that popped up was a Jojo Siwa tutorial on how she does her side ponytail. This video had all the answers as to why her hairline is receding. Each step of the tutorial contains something that is seriously damaging her hair. Let me break it down for you:

The first part of Jojo’s side ponytail process is aggressively brushing her hair in the direction of the ponytail.

Next she sprays her hair with an excessive amount of hairspray and uses 4 extra thick neon hair bands to hold her hair. The stress and tension she is putting on her hair from the hair bands combined with the aggressive brushing could be the reason why one side of her hairline is higher than the other.

After that comes more hairspray and a hair straightener. Obviously straightening your hair is a pretty safe thing now because of advancements in beauty and technology, but the thing that is harmful here is the lack of hair protection Jojo uses. Her hair is covered in hair spray and she uses a heated straightener without putting any sort of heat protectant spray on her hair to make sure it stays healthy and doesn’t get fried.

The last step, of course, is more hairspray and a signature Jojo Siwa hair bow.

I was satisfied when I discovered her video that showed us exactly what was causing her hairline to recede so quickly, but there was one more thing that irked me. When I was looking up pictures for this article I saw pictures of Jojo as a baby, and her hair was brown. If you’ve gotten this far into this article then you know for a fact that her hair is very bright blonde. There are about two reasons why this could be, either her hair changed colors as she grew out of the toddler stage or her hair is bleached. After much investigation I learned that her mother has been bleaching her hair since she was a child. There are so many layers that could be unfolded to tell us why her mother is bleaching her hair, but I will just leave that alone because who knows what kind of conspiracy theories I would fall into if I researched that.

Now you are probably thinking “Ok, I read this article but what do I do with this information?”, and I’ll tell you what I hope you should do. First of all, I hope you soak this information in and it leads you to take better care of your own hair. Also I hope that you have a different reaction when you see Jojo Siwa memes on the internet. The last thing I hope is that if Jojo reads this or if you meet Jojo, that she knows that she is killing her hair and she should always put her health before her career because people, like me, care about her being safe.


  1. if you ever met Jojo Siwa would you tell her why her line is receding? would you giver her tips on how to put a stop to it?


  2. To the parents of so-called JoJo Siwa whatever!!,. You’re putting your kid in danger what Idiots!!!! Let your kid be a kid Go get your OWN MONEY!!!! WORK FOR IT!!! DISGUSTING LET HER BE A KID WORK FOR MONEY TO RAISE YOUR KID NOT TO RAISE YOU YOU DUMB IDIOTS DISGUSTING!!


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