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The Life of a Military Family

By Jordin Richardson


I sat down and talked with my sister Kandis Elkins and asked her some questions about being a military wife.

ME: Is it hard being a military wife?

KE – “Being a military wife is hard yet rewarding. Even though it is hard, I am proud of what my husband does and realize that even life that is not spent in the military is hard as well.”

How do you cope with your husband being gone all the time?

“I am not sure that I really call it coping with my husband being gone, but it is more of an understanding that it is his job that requires him to be gone quit a bit. With being able to understand that, I can make a reason of why he is gone. By no means is it easy while he is away, but it is also not easy for him.”

Do you like the fact that you get to travel all over the place?

“I love that being a military family has given us the opportunity to travel and live in some very neat places that we would not have lived if we were not military.”

What kind of places have you been?

“We have been able to live in quite a few places such as Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas, Tennessee, and Germany. Being able to live in Germany was a dream! We were able to travel all over the place there when we could?”


How do you kids handle it?

“My kids are the real heroes of a military family. I would say when they were younger it was a bit easier as it was less to understand. As they get older, more feelings and emotions come with being gone or needing to work a lot, but I do my best to comfort them and remind them of the love that their dad has for them.”

How do your kids do schooling?

“My kids’ school is just like anyone else. They for the most part have been to school on a military post, so they are surrounded by kids who are facing the same obstacles as them, which is helpful. This year is their first year at a school that is not on post, so they are able to see kids from all walks of life and they are doing well there as well.”

Is it hard leaving your siblings?

“Leaving my family and siblings behind is very hard. As the oldest sister, I felt a lot of responsibility growing up and taking care of my siblings, so it was hard to leave them. I hate missing out on birthdays and life moments of theirs, but being married and with children of my own, I have to do and live where is best for my family. We do go back home to visit often as possible.”

Do your kids struggle with leaving?

“Like I said before my kiddos are the real heroes. They know the military life isn’t easy, and there are some hard days for them while dad is gone or about to leave but they pull through it.”

Is it hard going overseas and you can’t go with him?

“Yes, it is hard when my husband goes overseas and I can not go with him”

How do your kids like traveling and experiencing amazing new things?

“I would like to hope that my kiddos have liked to travel and living the military life even though it was not their choice, but I hope they see how hard their dad has worked to give us this country what we have.”



  1. I can understand the hardships of having family in the military. I have an older brother, Damon Lewis, that is over in Japan for the Marines. But sadly I don’t get to see him once or twice a year.


    1. It’s very hard but I have to remind myself that she is doing it for her family and her husband and it can’t be easy on her either leaving her siblings behind to move with her husband because he has to leave. And I talk to her most of the time over text or FaceTime her. It was very hard at first to learn and cope with my sister being gone but now I wrap myself up in school and work and focus on that instead of sitting there crying over my sister being gone


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