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Athlete Spotlight: Eh Doh Say

By Mattie Leach

Eh Doh Say shows off his ball dribbling in a game against Thomas Jefferson.

When MCHS Soccer faced Cassville,  junior Eh Doh Say (#11) scored 3 of the teams 4 goals and pulled off a hat-trick. Meanwhile, Cassville was held to just 1 goal. Because of his big night, we have decided Eh Doh deserves some recognition, which is why he has been chosen for a student-athlete spotlight.

What’s different about this year?

Eh Doh – “The season is going a lot better than last year. The teams passing has improved a lot. The new coach has changed how we handle our positions, so now we feel like we understand the positions better.”

Walk us through your big night.

“The first goal was a penalty kick, the second was a rebound, and the third goal, I was in the right place at the right time.”

What are your expectations for the postseason?

“Last year, the team almost won a game in districts, but we made mistakes that cost us the victory. This year, we are confident that we can finally get a win in districts.”



  1. Very talented!! Hoping they get that win at districts! They deserve it! The soccer team has come a long way and deserves more recognition.


  2. it is a good article, I’m glad the soccer team is feeling confident in their roles and in each other. hope They make it all the way this year.


  3. It is a good thing that the players are doing better and want to get better.

    It is great that the coach is making a difference in the sport.


  4. Way to go, Eh Doh! I can tell you play really hard in the game. You give all your effort to win the game for the team and I’m happy for you, brother.


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