Homecoming Recap

By Adasyn Leach


This week has been a great start to homecoming, but what exactly do people do? If you’ve ever went you will notice that there’s a student section where students         (upperclassmen) stand on bleachers and cheer on the football team, along with the cheerleaders. Then there’s all the parents who like to stand, and lean on the fence. Most of the kids go down to the end of the football field and would rather stand and talk to their friends than watch the football game themselves. What I do personally, I go to watch my brother, and hangout with friends. It is a great time to support our team and rejoin friends outside of school.

When you go to a regular football game there is a lot of people, but let’s compare that to the homecoming game. There were a lot more people which include parents, students and teachers. They  were not only supporting the Mustangs, but cheering them on as well, when they scored, they would tell the football players to keep up the good work.


Homecoming was not all about watching the game. Outside of the football game, there were people on the Art on the Van Gogh bus painting students faces, also people were cooking and selling food. People were even making and selling coffee’s to raise money for other school projects/clubs.



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