Student Life

Hallway Havoc

By Cylee Drake

300 Hallway isn’t a road to success; it is a road to road rage for the fact that people do not know what side to walk in the hall. There are typically five lanes of oncoming traffic and one outgoing.

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. None are safe from the hallways at MCHS. Walking to your next class can feel like you are entering a war zone. Some people are running as if there is imminent danger chasing behind them, others are walking so slow they are 10 minutes late to class, and some are stopping…right…in…front…of…you…for NO REASON. A high school hallway should come with these warning signs.

1. Slow Moving Couples

One notorious hazard in the hallways at MCHS is the lovey dovey couples. They are almost always walking as slow as possible because “they want to spend as much time together as possible.” Not only does this make those who are not in a relationship lonesome, but also late to class.


2. Wear Protective Equipment

When walking to class, you could lose a limb. Well, maybe not a limb, but maybe a toe. Okay, you probably would not lose your toe, but it has probably been stepped on 7 times by the time you get to your next class. Only the brave and fearless wear open toed shoes.

100/200 Hallway Stairs aka Stairwell of Chaos due to the congestion between classes.

3. Students Make Frequent Stops

One of my personal pet peeves, as well as many others, is when I am casually making my way down the hall and the student in front of me just stops. Randomly. They do not even try to scoot over to the edge of the hallway. They simple stop and turn around and stare at you as if you are the one walking the wrong way.


4. No Road Lines

Image result for No lines traffic sign

Lastly, one of the most hazardous havoc’s in the hallway is the lane division. Sometimes there will be a single file line going south while those going north have 6 lanes. We aren’t in the United Kingdom. We walked on the right side of the road. If it were up to me, I would line each hallway with tape to insure each side had enough room to walk as well as arrows for what direction you need to walk.

100 Hallway aka the Hallway of Heaven because it is the least crowded hallway.

After all, hallways can be chaotic, messy, and a hassle, but everyone inevitably has to walk down one. All I have to say is may the odds be ever in your favor and good luck because you will definitely need it.


  1. I really like this article because I can relate to it 100% it drives me crazy when mostly Freshman, and Sophomores think its okay to just stop in the middle of the hallway UGGGGGG. It’s not okay! If you’re gonna stop in the hall at least get out of the way! Then those people that walk as slow as they can really really frustrate me, like walk people! You are supposed to walk like a normal person not a turtle. Honestly just want to thank Cylee for bringing this up because many of us feel this way but not many will do anything about it.

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  2. I enjoyed how this article included helpful information on trying to make it through the typical high school hallway on an ordinary day of school. I also enjoyed the fact that the article included some humor.

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  3. This was a very relatable article because so many times there will be people who are facing the direction everyone going when there class is the opposite direction and they tried to push through and look at you like it’s our fault they don’t know there directions! I can also say so many kids just playing chase or tag in the hallway like that’s what PE is for not the HALLWAYS!!

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  4. Do you understand how many times I’ve almost been late to class or got shoulder checked by someone who just randomly stopped. I usually walk fast, and last year you could actually move in the hall at your own pace. This year the Freshmen have invaded, it’s officail.

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  5. This article is so true! I relate to you on everything you say, especially about the people that randomly stops in front of me, it’s very irritating! But overall the article was really good, funny, and helpful. Good job.

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  6. I feel it is both informative and I feel that it expresses the opinions and feelings everyone has towards the hallway situation. It gives insight from a high school student about everything people should expect when entering this type of environment. Its raw, real, and relatable.

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  7. I feel as though this article was very truthful. When I first started this year, walking through the halls was a main dread of mine. The thought of getting trampled was a great fear I had of walking through the halls, now it’s just annoying to get past all the people to be on time to class.


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