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(Old) School Pictures

By Allie Jackson

You might have noticed the posters in the hall for the picture day on October 2. I have learned to take extra precaution on these days because too many times I have seen, heard of, or have experienced first hand how traumatic picture day can be. Even if you remember and come to school in what you think is your best, 20 years from now you will look back and cringe at your 15-year-old self’s choice of, well, everything. The truth of the matter is that times change, and hopefully you do to.


Image result for jimmy fallon school picture
Jimmy Fallon not at his finest.

I thought it best if I showed you just how much time can change by doing a little before and after of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. These pictures are able to give us a snap shot of some these stars least forgiving times and for that we should be grateful.

John Legend

Image result for john Legend school picture

John Legend is looking great for being 39. His younger self clearly mirrors his present day self.

Taylor Swift

Image result for taylor swift school pictureImage result for taylor swift 2018 red carpet

According to my brother, the first picture of Swift is disappointing, in the second one though, she’s fine. 

Chris Pratt

Image result for chris pratt school photoImage result for chris pratt

Wowzers. I guess it just goes to show that you should be nice to all boys because you never know when a serious glow-up may hit.

Selena Gomez

Related imageImage result for selena gomez

So here we have Selena in like what, junior high and then we have her in like um… junior high? She seriously has not aged a bit.

Zac Efron

Image result for zac efron school pictureImage result for zac efron greatest showman premiere

I’ve seen worse. Oh, who am I kidding. This Is The Worst. Does this change my love for him? Not in the least bit.

Sandra Bullock

Image result for sandra bullock school picturesImage result for sandra bullock

Ok, I swore this was a dude.


Hello from the paaaaaaaaaasstt!

Donald Trump

Bonus Pictures!

Mrs. Grab


Mrs . Grab sent me this picture of her and her husband. They graduated six years apart and she said they somehow ended up wearing the same shirt!

Mrs. Pullen


Mrs. Pullen is the one on the left. This was her cheer leading picture when she was a sophomore in high school.

Thanks for reading! Let me know which old, school picture is your favorite in the comments.








  1. It’s a great idea to post old pictures! It not only gives us laughs but it helps us remember that everyone was once young and naive too!


  2. This was fun reading, its fascinating how much people change over the years, my favorite would have to be ms.grab ans her husband.


  3. I really loved this article it shows how anyone can change from who they were when they were younger. All of the celebrities look like normal kids who never knew that they were going to be big and famous . The teacher photos shows me that they used to be just like us one day and that we should be better at picking out our outfits in picture day and to be prepared.


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