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Spotlight: Danny (Bianca) Pollard

By Haliegh Lewis and Adasyn Leach

journalism sorry

Instead of a “Top Five” list or a school changing debate; We are going to shed a little light on a student named Danny (Bianca) Pollard. She is extremely good at singing and is one of our very close friends. “Why do an article on a close friend? Doesn’t that seem like favoritism?” The answer to that is; yes. We are getting off track. Anyway, Danny has an amazing voice and does great in choir. She sings beautifully, and if she keeps it up, she might have a career. Student Melanie Aquino also thinks highly of Danny’s singing ability.

“My unbiased opinion is that she is really, really good,” Aquino said. “Not praising her because she’s my friend but I’m being serious.”

We also asked if she thought Danny could make it to the  “big leagues”. 

“She would definitely make it if she really wanted to. I have faith in her. I mean, she mainly sings pop and expressional music, but yeah, she would make it there.”

We personally think she is beautiful and her voice matches her personality. Although Danny is shy, she can be really outgoing and express herself in her voice, and the songs she chooses to sing. Student Rhiannon Bombar agrees. 

 “She is a really good soprano, and she can also sing alto,” Bombar said. “She is really outspoken when she sings. When she is upset, you can tell because her music choice is like reflective on her emotions.” 


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