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Last Home Football Game

By Haliegh Lewis and Adasyn Leach


Friday October 19, is the last home game for the McDonald County Mustangs. Sad I know, but we have gotten very positive feedback that we hope will fuel up the Mustangs. Whoop! 

“I feel that we are gonna win. The year has been good, and if the team keeps it up then we are gonna have a really good outcome! I don’t think that we’ll be disappointed.” – Mr. Wilkie

Since we have seen the Mustangs play personally, we hope for the best, and (without putting pressure on them) we expect them to put their all into this game. 

“The Mustangs have done great this year, I mean they’ve had a lot of wins, so I think they are going to win. When they play, they play hard, so I’m feeling good about it.” – Melanie Gilming

Lets go Mustangs!!!



  1. I think the McDonald County Mustangs did a significant job this football season. I feel as if we went endeavored every game this year and i’m genuinely excited to see what we do next year. I thought the quotes were unquestionably amazing. Thank you for making a exception passage to read.


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