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High School With A Sibling

By Cylee Drake

For many students, the transition into high school can be very lonely. They are moving into a big place where they barely know anyone, which can be quite terrifying. However, some students have an insider, and that insider is a sibling. Whether they are an older sibling or a younger sibling, having a brother or sister in high school brings some comfort to the treacherous change.

When asked about how having a sibling in high school has affected her high school experience, Brooke Cooper stated, “I felt a lot less nervous for the first day. If I was nervous, for example, my first pep rally, I could always spot him [Jacob] in the crowd and I felt a lot better. He was like my safety blanket because I knew if he could go through anything, then so could I.”

Brooke Cooper and Jacob Cooper

Kaylee Cornell commented that the best part of going to school with a sibling is “if you wanna skip out together, it is easier to explain to your parents why you were skipping if you guys were in it together.”

Kaylee Cornell and Kristen Cornell

In regards to having the same classes, Elliott Wolfe stated, “If I would change anything, it would be having the same classes because if they have homework, you do too, and then your mom knows you have homework to do.”

Erin Wolfe and Elliott Wolfe

Erin Wolfe also agreed with this statement saying, “The worst part is that they always know if you have homework or not and will tell mom about it.”

Hope Wolfe and Erin Wolfe
Alyra Wolfe and Erin Wolfe

When asked if she would change anything about having to go to high school with a sibling, Zoe Vallance responded with, “No! Absolutely not. I enjoy having my brother wave at me in the hall. I enjoy observing everyone together and take guesses on what others were thinking. I love laughing together. He is my bestie!”

Tyson Vallance and Zoe Vallance

Allyson Dill added that the best part of going to high school with a sibling was “having someone to sit with at lunch.”

Allyson Dill and Max Dill

Ryleigh England answered that she does not see her siblings often at school so there is no room for conflict. There is also no room to talk either. When asked if she would changed anything, she responded with “I think the only thing I would change is how people view you based on what your siblings are like.”

The England Family

Many of the students interviewed stated that the worst part of going to high school with a sibling is that all of their friends become their siblings friends as well. One student even commented that “the worst part is that when I’d get mad at him at home and had class with him, we’d continue our fighting in front of the class, and it made it VERY awkward for the rest of the day.” Overall, everyone interviewed stated that they love their siblings and wouldn’t trade them for the world. After all, blood doesn’t make you family, love does.


  1. I love this article. It is really helpful to have a sibling or family member that is in high school with you to show you the ropes.


  2. I agree that if you had a sibling high school would be more easy going and I am glad my brother will have me when he comes up here from middle school. Even though I had to transition so rough i got through it, i’m glad i can make my brothers transition easier.


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