McKenna’s Coat Drive

By Allie Jackson

An MCHS student, McKenna Evenson, chose to go above and beyond the ISP limits. Her mission: Bring warmth and comfort to the kids that need it this winter season.

Coat Drive Flyer.png

A requirement for students enrolled in NHS (National Honor Society), is something called and ISP. An ISP is an independent service project that students get to pick and choose. Some kids hand out candy or write sweet notes, and then there are those that choose to go beyond the limits. McKenna Evenson, a Junior at MCHS, has chosen to reach out a helping hand and have a winter coat drive as her ISP.  I asked McKenna what inspired her to do the coat drive.

“Every morning when I drive to school, I pass by several kids waiting for the bus, McKenna said. “As it has been getting colder, I have noticed that the kids either have light jackets on or nothing. I’m in my car with a heater, heated seat, and coat shivering. I couldn’t imagine how miserable these kids were standing in the cold for 5 plus minutes, and I know they are not the only ones in the county.”

Image result for kids waiting on school bus during winter
McKenna is trying to make sure no children in our county will go without a coat this winter.

McKenna is very involved in school organizations and clubs. She is the vice president of the state and local Epsilon Beta, she has a spot on the executive board of Student Council, and is the historian of Social Science National Honors Society. And not only does she have big plans for her community, but for her future as well. After high school, McKenna plans on attending Georgetown University in D.C. in order to someday get her degree in law or political science.

McKenna Evenson, a junior at MCHS, wants to help her community.

The coat drive officially ends November 15, but if there is still someone who wishes to donate after this time you can contact McKenna through her Facebook/email, which is listed on the flyer. All sizes of coats and winter items are acceptable. The coats will first be supplied throughout the schools and then all extras will go straight to the community. All donations are greatly appreciated, and if you see McKenna, let her know how proud you are of her choice to help out the community!


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