Student Life

Do You Suffer from Schoolitis?

by Cylee Drake

Senioritis is no longer for seniors! The new term is now schoolitis, and it is affecting not just seniors but students from every grade. A sample of 25 MCHS students were asked a few questions to determine how severe schoolitis is at McDonald County High School. These are their stories.

Source: Imgur

How often a week do you find yourself procrastinating?

  1. 0-3 times a week (7%)
  2. 4-6 times a week (7%)
  3. 7 or more times a week (86%)

Junior Demi Meador added, “I would rather do work at home than at school because people distract me.”

How often do you tell yourself “I can do it later?”

  1. 2 times a month (4%)
  2. 2 times a week (6%)
  3. 2 times a day (90%)

In regards to homework, senior Tanner Harner stated, “I would rather do the dishes than do my homework.”

How often are you late to class?

  1. Never (10%)
  2. Sometimes (2-5 times a month) (90%)
  3. Everyday (0%)

Junior Annabelle Zellers said, “I learned more in middle school, than I have in high school.”

Annabelle Zellers, Tanner Harner, and Jarred Maggard

Do you believe you suffer from schoolistis?

  1. Yes (93%)
  2. No (1%)
  3. Who doesn’t?! (5%)

Another senior Joslyn Banta  commented, “I do my homework in the class before every day.”

Joslyn Banta

If you answered 1 or 3 to the questions above, how long have you suffered from schoolitis?

  1. Less than a year (25%)
  2. All of high school (55%)
  3. Since the second grade (20%)

Our teachers have even struggled with
schoolitis in the past. One teacher said that they began experiencing symptoms in junior high.

One freshman student added, “If I have to go to school, is there any way we can make it more fun? Like have the whole school do a weekly nerf battle or something.”

After completing this survey,  most out of everyone surveyed stated, “my brain hurts” which is the summation of schoolitis altogether. It can affect anyone and everyone. Will you be next?


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