Middle School Dance Commandments

By Sophia Jaquez

Last Friday, I went to a middle school dance to work the concession stand and get some community service hours. I was expecting a couple boring hours of counting change and watching sweaty kids run around the cafeteria. What I was not expecting was a little bit of culture shock. From the first moment of the Cha Cha Slide, I knew that the tweens of 2018 are very different from any other generation. I decided it was my civil duty to take note of the night and share it so that everyone knows just how much 2018 culture has affected today’s youth.

A middle school staple that will never change, the concession stand!

Before I discuss the new traditions and dance moves of the night, let’s first revisit the classic middle school dance. Iconically, middle school dances are loud, filled with sugar, B.O. and sweat for miles, and of course awkward dancing. In the 3 hours that the dance went on for, I experienced this and so much more.

This is what’s hip these days…

One of the biggest trends of the year is Fortnite, so obviously that was well represented at the dance. One of the first songs of the evening was the Fortnite emote music, which was followed immediately by screams of excitement and the popular dance known as ¨flossing¨. Along with this, you could also hear Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silento, the Kidz Bop version of course, and tons of kids displaying the unmistakable “finger circle”.

The finger circle is a popular symbol in social media, for a full explanation see wikipedia.

The last thing that I noticed at this dance is how friendly everyone was to each other. I think everyone remembers how simple times were in middle school, when there weren’t cliques or groups that made life hard. At the dance, everyone was pretty much friends with everyone, and that’s probably why all the students looked like they were happy to be there. I think we can all learn a lesson from this middle school dance. That lesson being that if we treat everyone (and I mean everyone, even “that one annoying kid that walks really slow in the halls”) in a friendly manner, then life would be a lot easier and the school day would go by a lot quicker.

While I was amazed at all the advancements in middle school dance culture, I wasn’t surprised to see that some things never change and for that I came up with The Official Commandments of Middle School Dances.

The Nine Commandments of Middle School Dances

  1. Thou shall spend all of thy money on candy, or risk not having as much fun as possible.
  2. It is thy responsibility to run around the dance facility at least once in a game of tag or other such activities as a way to show respect to the hosts of the dance.
  3. Thou has to overdress for thy first dance as a right of passage.
  4. The hosts of thy dance must play some of the following songs for thy dance to be considered legitimate: Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eyed Joe, Ice Ice Baby, The Wobble and/or any other songs that rise to that level of popularity.
  5. If thy does not know how to dance then it is common practice to jump up and down to the beats of the song in the place of dancing.
  6. Kissing, hugging, and other such displays of affection are strictly prohibited and only awkward glances and/or side hugs are allowed.
  7. Thou must expect at least one break up and one new relationship to arise at the dance because of reasons mere mortals can’t control.
  8. It is recommended that thy has a sleepover with thy closest friends to talk about all the new drama after thy dance.
  9. Lastly, if thy does not have as much fun as thy wanted, thy must remember that there will probably be another dance in a couple months and to try again then.



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