Teacher Spotlight

The Incredible Mr. Culver

By Cylee Drake

Polite. Considerate. Reliable. Witty. Sincere. Humble. Responsible. Helpful. Giving. Trustworthy. Kind. Intelligent. Dependable. Hilarious. Respectful. Leader.

Mr. Culver.

Some may know him, others not, but he certainly is someone to get to know. I have had the privilege of getting to know Mr. Culver over the course of my high school career, and I can honestly say there is no one quite like him.

Mr. Culver, always willing to help a student.

Mr. Culver received his BSE from the University of Central Arkansas with a major in Biology and then went on to receive his Master of Science degree from the University of Arkansas with certification in School Counseling. He has taught a collective of 25 years as a teacher and 15 years as a counselor.

Many of the current students might not know that Mr. Culver was on of our science teachers. He taught Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, and Chemistry. He really enjoyed teaching Physics and Anatomy and Physiology. Mr. Culver is also an avid Sci-Fi fan. His office holds a lot of Star Wars memorabilia as well as photos of family, friends, and students.

Mr. Culver with just a few of the many students that have greatly appreciated him over the years.

This past year, Mr. Culver moved from our science department to our counseling department.

“I have actually made the transition from classroom teacher to counselor on two different occasions,” Mr. Culver said. “I hoped to work with more students and help provide a variety of services for them, the faculty, staff, and administration.”

His fellow science department colleagues called him the Superman of the science department.

Mrs. Stark added, “He looks after his coworkers just as he does for his students. He is caring, helpful, and always willing to lend a hand. He will also give helpful advice on everyday life.”

These former students won’t ever forget about Mr. Culver.

Before McDonald County was blessed with Mr. Culver, he worked in Arkansas. When asked about the differences between being a counselor in Arkansas and in Missouri, Mr. Culver said, “There are several differences between being a counselor in Missouri and in Arkansas. There are different tests required for graduation, differences in number of students allowed in class, and different colleges to work with.”

On the topic of the advantages that come with being a counselor rather than a teacher, Mr. Culver stated, “You tend to deal with more students with serious issues. And you don’t have as much homework to do!”

When asked to describe Mr. Culver, fellow counselor Mrs. K stated, “He is just calming and easy to talk to. AND he is knowledgeable in EVERYTHING!!!”

Mr. Shaddox added, “Mr. Culver has a very calming nature about him. He is the Ying to my Yang. I feel like he helps round out our counseling office nicely.”

Another photo of his past students…clearly a popular teacher

Something many people do not realize about Mr. Culver is that he is very funny and witty. Mr. Shaddox mentioned, “He is a fellow “movie quoter” and has an extensive knowledge of comedic films and shows. Almost daily he and I quote Dumb and Dumber and Seinfeld.”

Mr. Culver’s unique sense of humor has clearly passed to his students. Some of his most notable group of photos are the photos of him and some of his past students who all dressed as him for spirit week.

Mr. Culver and his look-alikes

All in all, Mr. Culver is one of the wisest, most caring, funny, generous people you will ever meet. He is a very treasured leader in our school and is a wonderful friend. When asked for any last comments, Mr. Culver ended with this quote:

‘“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead


  1. Mr. Culver was an amazing teacher and always personable and supportive of us all. I will
    Always remember his science class and all the items that seniors gave him. He had a car door, bouy from the lake, state rd signs etc. No one else had those things!! 😁
    Class 97 Green Forest, AR


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