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Chris Marion Memorial Day

By Haliegh Lewis and Adasyn Leach


On October 20, 2018, MCHS held a remembrance day for the fallen soldier, Chris Marion. Chris Marion was a former MCHS student who graduated the year of 2005. He was from Pineville and was loved by a lot of family and friends.


Many students outside of ROTC don’t know what Chris Marion Day is or what it is about, so we are going to tell you about this day of remembrance. This day is to honor and pay our respects to Chris Marion, a man of many smiles, a brother, a son, and most importantly, a fallen soldier. For many people, including our very own Mr. Wilkie, Chris Marion Day has a very personal meaning. Mr. Wilkie taught Chris for four years.

“Ever since his freshman year, you could tell Chris wanted to be in the army, and there was no doubt in his mind about  it,” Mr. Wilkie said.  “He challenged himself to be a better person along with others. Chris was a really good person, and he just filled the room with positive energy everywhere he went.”


Currently the ROTC is trying to raise money to buy a plaque recognizing the Global War on Terrorism and the victims. According to First Sergeant Hakes, the ROTC wants to bring more awareness to the day and what it represents.

“Well, first we are trying to get a new plaque for this war and for these soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice of giving their life from this country, so that they can be recognized for the things that they did for the United States.” First Sergeant Hakes said. “I think that teachers should learn about Chris Marion Day and teach the students about it.”


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  1. I would like to thank the students, Haliegh Lewis and Adasyn Leach because, the majority of the students in MCHS that think all we do is follow orders just to look cool, to think we’re better than everybody but, we aren’t and just to see this on the County Current is an honor to know that I was the one who held the U.S. Army flag on a day that I thought wouldn’t even be mentioned in the future, Thank you for creating this topic. This day is extremely important to JROTC members including me.


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