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Starting a Family Business

By Jordin Richardson

Owning your own business can be hard, especially when it’s your first business venture. My cousin Amanda Carr has her own business, and it’s called The Treasure Shed. It has all kinds of good stuff in it, and everything is handmade.

I sat down with my cousin, and she answered some questions about running her own business.

(Me) How is it having your own business?

(Amanda) Having my own business has been fun and frightening at the same time.

What made you want to start a business?

I have always had the dream of one day not working for someone else. I think most people have that dream. My father had the cutest little building in what I felt like was a good location, and I knew several people with amazing talents that might like to have a place locally that they could sell them.

What are the biggest issues for running this business?

The biggest issues that we are having is getting our name out to the public and letting them know we sale and where to find us. Since Jane is more of a drive through town rather than a destination, we are finding it difficult to attract the public.

What do you do with your profits?

Currently any small amount of profits that we have are poured back into the business for advertising and products.

Where do you see yourself in a year, five years?

In a year, I hope to still have our doors open and struggling along. By five years, I hope to be making enough money to hire some help and be open more often.

what is your background like,education?

I have an associate’s degree in both science and art, and I have a few extra classes toward a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I have never had retail experience of any kind.

With Christmas around the corner, I recommend if you are in Jane Mo that you go check it out. I personally bought a handmade card from my cousin’s store and  gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day. My mom loved it. I also got some handmade shoes that have a mustang on the side and say MC. 

They also have hats, shirts, and other kinds of awesome things that you don’t want to miss out on. They try to make every visit a good. Their address is 49 little Missouri Rd, Jane, Mo. As of right now, they are opened on Saturday (9am-5pm) so go check them out.

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