Cheerleading Sports Spotlight

Stunting Their Way To State

By Cylee Drake

Our cheerleaders here at MCHS seem to be underrated. They are always there to cheer on our boys and girls in football and basketball, but no one seems to be cheering them on. Well now is the chance. Our cheer team will be going to Cheer State 2018-2019, and they would love to have everyone’s support. Last year at state, our cheer team took second place, arguably they deserved first, but it is a new year and their eyes are set on first place.

Football Homecoming 2018

MCHS’s current varsity cheer team is composed of 10 seniors Bailey Barrett, Brookelynn Cooper, Caitlynn Stouder, Dylan Akins, Elliott Wolfe, John Gordon, Joslyn Banta, Kitrell Henighen, Madison Smith, and Tanner Harnar and seven juniors Demi Meador, Lilly Parnell, Maggie Amey, Paige Newhard, Ryan King, Sam Whitehill, and Tristan Hands. They are all coached by Natassi Banta, former MCHS cheerleader and graduate.

Cassville High School cheerleaders and MCHS cheerleaders (2017)

Brookelyn Cooper stated, “Last year’s state experience was very thrilling, but a little upsetting because we got second when we hit a solid routine.”

Just like any other aspect in life, cheer takes a lot of practice, more practice than most sports. At practice, our cheer team runs through the entire routine as if it was the real deal. According to Caitlynn Stouder, this makes practice very hard.

“We go over our routine in sections and when each is great we put it all together,” Stouter said. “We mainly practice our stunts.”

State Cheerleading Championship 2017

A common stereotype associated with cheerleaders is that they are preppy and snotty, but that is definitely not the case with the cheerleaders at MCHS. Most of them are very down to earth and are nice. A lot of them are involved in many other groups such as football, National Honors Society, Future Farmers of America, Academic Team, and Character Ed, as well as the nursing program at Crowder.

In order to be a cheerleader at MCHS, they have to be hard working and have good character. Another stereotype that our cheerleaders often hear, is the stereotype that cheerleaders always wear their uniform wherever they go, to which they replied, “That would just be disgusting.”

Football Homecoming Parade 2018

There are many things our cheerleaders are looking forward to this year. Joslyn Banta stated, “I am looking forward to getting another chance to to spend some time with some of my favorite people and competing in a sport I love!”

Brooke Cooper said, “I’m excited to get the chance to redeem ourselves against the Kewpies.”

Caitlynn Stouder added, “I’m so excited to go to state with a new amazing routine. I also cannot wait to make new memories with my cheer family, win or lose, the memories will last forever.”

First football game of the year

This year’s state is at Lindenwood University on December 1st and 2nd.


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