10 School Puns That Are Sure To Make You Giggle

By Cylee Drake

If I could please have your pun-divided attention. The following contains sensitive content, please do not cry of laughter. This article holds the key to unlock every awkward social interaction you will ever come across. Please proceed carefully.


In elementary school, I once witnessed a kid get in trouble for coloring outside the lines. I gave him my shoulder to crayon.

Source: stephwilburn.wordpress.com


I turned in my anatomy homework with nothing on it. I was hoping the teacher would find it humerus.

Source: teachmeanatomy.info


I heard that the calculus teacher tried to keep his students on task, but the class discussion kept going off on tangents.

Source: en.wikipedia.org


A student in my last class threw a clock out of the window because he said he wished time would fly.

Source: explainthejoke.com


A general rule of grammar is that double negatives are a no-no.

Image result for lined paper for kids
Source: cvdlipids.com


I type all of my work because my teacher once told me using a dull pencil would be pointless.

Image result for dull pencils
Source: myteachertales


I am seriously considering taking a skeleton to prom because he would have no body to go with.

Source: alacartespirit.com


My chemistry teacher was really struggling with the curriculum she was teaching. She told us she felt out of her element.

Image result for periodic table
Source: openclipart.org


Apparently my history teacher General Lee doesn’t like Civil War puns.

Image result for general e lee
Source: thefamouspeople.com


So I asked my math teacher what their favorite pi was, but their answer was never ending.

Image result for pi
Source: illinoisscience.org



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