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Drama Performs A Christmas Carol

By Allie Jackson

Recently, I got the opportunity to attend MCHS’s A Christmas Carol. Many considered this show the best the school has ever seen, and I have to agree. This play was a long time in the making and took dedication from both students and teacher.

The beginning of the performance

The week the play came out, I was able to sit in on a short practice. I watched as students rehearsed their lines and practiced their many stage cues. Stress levels were high with only a couple days left, and behind the curtain you could hear a student whisper, “We’re all going to need therapy after this play.” Some of the girls in the class shared with me that they were a little nervous about the outcome of the play, one of the main reasons being that there was such a large number of people involved.

“Lots of people have put lots of hard work into this play. I’m excited to see how it turns out.” -Summer McCool

From left to right: Brooke England, Gabby Nalley, Summer McCool, Jessikah Lilly

There were over 200 people who participated in the play. All of the drama classes were involved in the production along with high school show choir, concert choir, junior high choir, and the local Anderson Dance Academy. When the big day finally came, family, friends, locals, and teachers alike, filled the room. The audience watched the story of Ebenezer Scrooge come to life.

Gabby Nalley singing Ave Maria right before intermission. This song was absolutely gorgeous. I noticed lots of people wiping tears, including the older man sitting next to me. 

I’m no theater critic, but I thought the play was great! JJ Richards who played Scrooge said he thought the play went well and that he thought most everyone enjoyed it. JJ also said he loved seeing all the kids come together for one play, and that he was impressed with the planning from Mr. Hester (The MCHS drama teacher).

“My favorite part was probably watching all the different groups together. There were 5 or 6 different groups performing and they didn’t practice together until the week of the show.” -JJ Richards

Taylor Tyson, JJ Richards

This is Mr. Hester’s first year at MCHS and he is already making a name for himself. I asked him a few question involving the play and future productions. The interview is as follows:

Question:  How is your first year at McDonald County High School?

Mr. Hester:  My first year has been very positive, filled with talented students, helpful colleagues, and  supportive administration.

From left to right: Taylor Tyson, Erin Wolfe

How do you think the play went?

Mr. Hester:  The play, A Christmas Carol,  was a great success due to the dedication of the students, and the talented faculty and staff  that lead them including, Mr. Tyler Davis, Mr. Graham Bunting, Mrs. Shelly Capps, Mrs. Lisa Wallis, and Mrs. Staci Campbell.

Eli Jackson and Anton Mart

What are your plans for next semester?

Mr. Hester:  We are working on getting the rights to the spring musical, when this is accomplished we will announce the production to be produced in the performing arts center. We are also planning on presenting a Spring Showcase at the end of next semester in our black box theater (HS Room 401).

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  1. I was in the play and everything you said was 100 percent true. I was completly frazzled and so scared somethng would go wrong.


  2. I felt like the Christmas carol really connected to the movie and somewhat of the book I found more depth in the play then I found in the movie cuz you just felt the real life experience with everyone acting and the Christmas ghosts performing with all the scenes and just all-around felt real.


  3. This gives a lot of information about the play that I did not even know and I was in the play it was also enjoyable to read


  4. It truly was an honor performing in this play! I agree 100% that it was a beautiful performance and was one of the best MCHS has put on!


  5. I didn’t personally see the play, but I think that the author did a great job in explaining how good it was. One of my friends was in the play and she said it was great.


  6. The play was fantastic! The incredible crew, talented students, and hard-working drama teacher, Mr. Hester, made this play creatively come alive. I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of the play, the experience was really something great.


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