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Mustang Recycling Bins

By Amberly DuMond

McDonald County has became apart of the recycling train. There has been bins placed in each classroom used for paper, plastic, and aluminum. Every Friday, the bins are collected, emptied, and sorted to be taken for reuse. I think it’s a great contribution, not only for our environment, but our school.

Adrian Jones and Joe Beavor sorting on pick up day!

Keep in mind the multiple uses for recycling, besides the most obvious one ( there isn’t as much waste in the trash can). It saves money because there isn’t a need for companies to use new materials. It also creates new jobs for people. The matter has to break down, somehow. Recycling companies need people who can work the machinery. There aren’t hardly any cons to contributing to reuse.

That being said, when the materials are being sorted on Fridays, It prolongs the process when the materials aren’t always.. Reuseable. Paper, empty plastic bottles, cardboard, newspaper, empty aluminum cans, and old markers are all appropriate, but do not throw away waste, such as food from breakfast, or vending machines, along with their wrappers, please dump your beverages out before you recycle the aluminum or plastic if they aren’t empty already.

IMG_3351 (1)

We want to keep recycling, but we’d also like to try our best to make it as easy as possible for the companies that take our materials. So please make sure you are putting the proper items in the trash if they aren’t acceptable in the bins.

Thank you to all the students who remember to recycle. You are becoming a positive to the world around you!

Also be sure to thank Mrs. Henson for taking the time to introduce the idea of recycling, and taking the step to get our school on board to a healthier, safer environment.


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