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Meet the MCHS LoL Teams

By Cooper Lowery

League of Legends, or LoL, is a game that features two teams of five in what amounts to an elaborate game of chess. Here at MCHS, our eSports team has two LoL squads. Each squad has five competitors and one sub in case a team member is gone.

Meet the A-squad

There are 6 players on the A-squad, including myself. The players on the A-squad are Jacob Pagel, Chase Cawood, JJ Richards, Cooper Lowery, Tristan Lawson, and Oswaldo Cabrera.

Meet the B-team

There are 5 people on the B-squad. The members are Trenton Wright, Triniti Torrez, Derek Williamson, Clyde Buchanan, Jayden T. Cheek-Syharaj.

In both squads, everyone is hardworking and are always improving on their game knowledge. Working as a team helps us get through the times that are the toughest, and these two squads work together really well. We have fun all the time, which makes Esports a terrific club when it comes to making friends.

MCHS Esports has two amazing coaches that help set times and help with our positivity toward each other. Without our coaches Esports would not be a thing.

“The best part about Esports is how you can choose the way you will play the game. Feel like destroying your enemy? Play an assassin. Want to become an indestructible beast? Play a tank. Feel like helping others? Play a support. The point is, you are not limited by your body type. The smallest girl can carry, the strongest guy can support. You decide the game, and how you want to play it.”

— Coach Douglass


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