By Caitlyn Crosby and Yocellin Quintero

At McDonald County High School, we have a great library, filled with about 20,000 books that go around the entire library. The librarian is Mrs. Williams and the Library Aid is Mrs. Womack.

Our librarians are pretty serious about taking care of their books. They definitely want you to take good care of the books by not losing them, not ripping or folding the pages, not spilling drinks on them and not getting food on the books. In the library the Gateway Books get checked out the most. These books have received awards and recognition.

The librarians have TA’s (or teachers assistants) that help them throughout the day in the library. The TA’s help out by cleaning shelves, checking in and out books, putting books where they go, and decorating around the library. They are also a big help to keep the library looking clean and nice for all the readers coming in and out! If you want to be a library teachers assistant, you must be a junior or senior, and you can apply in March the year before.

We asked Mrs William if there was anything else she wanted us to know about her library and she said, “ The library is more than just books, we have E-Books, audio books, databases that help the students research, the SWEAT shop where students come to make things and so much more.”  

We think that when students hear about the library they just assume it’s only books and nothing more, but in our library we have a lot of other things that some librarys don’t have. There are also bean bags, tables where you can sit and read by the open windows, a couch, and a green screen if students want to use it for a class project and much more.


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