Senior Spotlight: Shaenna White

By Sierra Sayers and Reagan DeSpain

Shaenna White is a senior at McDonald County High School. We decided to interview Shaenna because she is involved in many extracurricular activities. When Shaenna graduates, she is determined to go to college and become a great art teacher and someday a superintendent.

Q: Have you experienced senioritis yet?  

(Shaenna) Yes, I experienced it more my junior year, but then I realized that my senior year was going to be the last of everything. Now, I’m just sad to leave.

Do you plan on going to college after high school?

I got accepted in to MSSU for art education. I want to become a teacher here for art.

Which college is your top pick?

I wanted to go to University of Arkansas

Who has been your favorite teacher?

Ms. King and Ms. Walthall


Ms. Walthall learns from me and I learn from her. I’m a little ahead because of her. My first year was Ms. King’s first year, and I think we bonded over that. We both have the same mentality of getting stuff done and doing it right.

Do you prefer Red days or Black days?

Red days because less people are at my lunch table.

If you could make a spirit day, what would it be?

70s for everyone or cool shoes or old band t-shirts

Which year was your most difficult year?

Sophomore year because it was the year people still see you as JV in sports, and you’re like the middle child. You don’t get any respect. In life, you knew you weren’t old enough to get a job yet or a car, but people want you to even though there’s nothing you can do.

What activities have you been involved in?

Art Club president and varsity manager for wrestling for four years

What’s your best memory(s) of high school?

Sophomore Homecoming.

Who has been your best friend throughout high school?

Myself mainly. I have pretty much learned to keep to myself, and I don’t have to cancel plans. I basically put my education and sports in front of my friends. I don’t mind being independent.


We believe Shaenna White has a bright future ahead of her. She has made a lot of great goals for herself that are realistic and achievable. We think that Shaenna is ready to handle the obstacles that are thrown her way. We wish her the best of luck.


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