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Brain Breaks

By Amberly DuMond

Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed because so much is going on in our lives. It’s hard to slow down and breathe. My freshman year of high school, I learned it is super important to take those moments and find things that give me a “brain break.” Throughout the past couple of years, I have found the things that work best for me, so I’ve put them in a mini list.

Use Planners or Agenda Apps


Even if you never look at the app or your planner, it gives you a sense of getting your life together if you write down your week in one of the two. Even if the event has already happened, write it down. Later on, look back at all the things you have accomplished throughout the months. Try using colorful pens, and organization methods. You can find examples all over Pinterest.

Go to the Gym


Being someone who works in the gym scene, sometimes this is easier for me to do than others. The equipment is ALWAYS directly in front of me. However, if a membership is not something available to you, or transportation is a an issue, exchange the gym for somethingmore available to you. The track, stairs, hiking trails. These aren’t just great for you, but they can also help get your family involved.

Do a Seasonal Clean


For every single season that comes around the corner. Organize your cabinets, clean out your wardrobe. Not only will your house be cleaner, but you get to show off your room, house, etc. You can throw a get-together with friends as a reward for the work you’ve put into it. A must for me however is giving my car a good cleaning. (This isn’t just seasonal, this is weekly for me though.) I feel completely scattered if I am sitting in a dirty car.

Use A Journal


Something I have been doing since I was ten, was writing my thoughts down. This is personal therapy for less of the price. I typically write about the negative things, because it clears my mind and gives me a chance to start fresh! Another way to do this though and probably a healthier way is keeping a notebook for the positive thoughts, and the negative. Write according to your mood to even it out. So that you can see the balance, or even the improvement throughout the year (Some people burn them to signify a new year).

Take a Nap


This is the most obvious one, sometimes you just get tired. Nothing fixes it because your body requires sleep. As teenagers, this is something that we are all either WAY to familiar with or haven’t seen in days. Do your homework as soon as you get home, and then fall asleep. This isn’t optional because sleep is a necessity.

Leave a list of things you do to unwind, or if you use any of these regularly like I do. With so much planning, especially for Seniors graduating in May, it’s important to step back and make sure you are enjoying the little things. So take a break, and in 30 minutes pick up where you left off.

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  1. This is a great article. I really enjoyed it and will share it with my seminar class. I think many students will benefit from it.


  2. Maybe you should add a drawing option, because that really helps me, but other than that, I totally agree with all of these, and think they will help me in the future when I try them.


  3. This is actually giving me ideas on what to do when I need a break from the world. And I actually can just go climb a tree and listen to the nature for a break. When you are mad and just need to get away. Thanks for the ideas Amberly!


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