Student Life

Improving the Snack Machines

By Caitlyn Crosby and Yocellin Quintero

In the McDonald County High school, we have three snack machines, one Ice-cream machine, two soda machines and three water, tea, and juice machines. In the vending machines, there are mostly junk food snacks. Although not many people complain about it, we do need to get more healthy items into our vending machines.

Our snack machine problem could have many possible solutions. We could add a new fruit and vegetable snack machine, which could include berries, melon, apple and other fruit slices, strawberries, oranges, mango, bananas, carrots, cucumbers, and so much more. We could also add healthier snack items to the vending machines we have now. These changes would definitely benefit our school because not everyone wants a bag of chips, or candy as a snack before or after lunch. It would also benefit our school because some people don’t have time to eat breakfast or don’t have the money to pay for the school breakfast or lunch, so they could just use a dollar to get a healthy snack.

Having healthier snack options or even having a fruit and snack machine would not only be good for students, but it would be great for the staff who also want a healthy snack throughout the day. So for all of these reasons we need to reform our school lunch programs. We need to get healthy items into the vending machines. Don’t take our word for it. Look at what other MCHS students are saying:

“I agree and disagree. I think having a fruit machine would be good because I love fruit, but also I think food in the vending machines now will be cheaper than the fruit because fruit is more expensive.” – Carol Ocampo

“I think we should add healthier things for the people in our school with health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, and by doing that, it could also prevent those things.” -Amy Montoya


  1. I think you should add fruits and vegetable snacks for many reasons like Amy Montoya “issues like diabetes and high blood pressure”. It would help some of the people that can’t eat junk food.


  2. I think adding fruits and vegetables to the snack machines would be a good idea. It’s a healthier alternative to a bag of chips.


  3. This is a good idea, I dont want hunk food everyday. So getting some healthier snacks would, one give the students more choices and two its just better for the students who want to stay healthy.


  4. I agree but also adding card readers on the snack machines would also help so people could use their cards to purchase snacks. But i also like the idea of adding regular pop machines because not everybody likes diet pop.


  5. I think adding a vending machine with fruits and vegetables would be a great idea. Although it might be a bit more expensive, it would a healthier option for a snack


  6. Adding healthy snacks to the vending machines would be a great idea and I’d sign a petition if that’s what it would take.


  7. I agree, but I think the vending machines should also add card readers. I think we should add a regular pop machine because not everyone likes Diet Pop. But other than that, I think we should add healthier snack machines.


  8. I think it would be a good idea for people who don’t like school lunches and would rather have a healthy snack instead of junk food


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