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Artist Spotlight: Summer McCool

By Allie Jackson

A good friend of mine, Summer McCool, strolled into Government class one day with her newest art project in hand. It was a large pencil drawing of her grandmother on a boat in Europe. I was immediately in shock at the realness of the drawing. Another girl in my class said she thought it was an actual picture at first. A wave of awe spread through half of the class as we admired Summer’s work.

Summer on a mission trip last summer.

Summer McCool is a junior at MCHS and has plans on becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She works hard in school but also makes sure to take time for the things she loves. Summer is an active member in MCHS Drama department and played the role of Fan in a Christmas Carol. She enjoys being in the outdoors, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. Summer is an active member in her church and wants her plans to be ultimately in line with God’s plans.  

An unfinished painting of Summers cat Leo.

Inspired by her Grandma, Summer has been making art for years. Summer is currently enrolled in Art III and has spent the majority of her year working on a large pencil drawing that is based off of a photograph. The photo is of Summer’s Grandma Lis, and her friend Rose on a boat in Europe.

Summer’s grandma is the girl on the left.
Summers pencil drawing.

“Ever since I was little I loved hearing my Grandma’s endless stories of her wild adventures traveling the world with her friends, and I wanted to do something that encapsulated that. She has always lived her life fully and boldly and that is something I will always admire. My Grandmother is also a phenomenal artist so it felt only right to do my best work for her.”                         -Summer McCool

Summer likes to get creative with her subjects, and she keeps things fresh by changing up her mediums. Her art is truly amazing and can be found hanging in the halls of the high school.

A colored pencil of Summer’s dog Molly.
Summer used finger nail polish to paint the back of her ukulele.


  1. Summer is an amazing artist and I hope that she becomes successful in life. This article is also written very well and I enjoyed reading it.


  2. Her art work is really amazing and I think it is great that she was inspired by her grandma. I hope she continues to do wonderful artwork when she graduates.


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