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Our Point of View (Ep. 2)

By Sophia Jaquez, Haleigh Lewis, Adasyn Leach

Our Point of View
Episode 2 – “Valentine’s Day- Dos and Don’ts”


  1. i’m now single and that is the truth don’t get with someone if you just want them for valentines day because its does hurt when you break up with them or they break up with you and it is more loving if you write the note from heart


  2. I totally agree on everything I wouldn’t want my boyfriend going and copying off of something and giving it to me, in my opinion its not right its dis respectful.


  3. This podcast has many faults. One: they are not as concise and uses run-ons and several distracting pauses. Such as the first point. It could of been said in a better way, such as, “If you say something to your significant other you don’t mean, you have inevitably betrayed their trust and ultimately the relationship.”Two: They do not understand the concept of con-artistry, refering to their point of “getting into relationships just for presents.” Three: “Putting stress on Valentine’s Day” I believe misses a good point that could of been made. Instead of, “it’s not important,” you could have said, “don’t put pressure on your partner to get you something.” This goes for any occasion. Fourth: You say, “get them something special like what they have been talking about.” This is an absolutist opinion, as a person might not talk about a specific object. They might want to visit someplace orjust have anything. Even the smallest of flowers can symbolize great meaning to someone, especially if one or both of the people are in a poor economic situation.


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