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Spotify or Pandora

By Cylee Drake

Yet another age old debate among students. Nearly every students listens to music, but how do they listen to their music? Do the students at MCHS prefer Spotify or do they prefer Pandora? Let’s find out.

Let the fight begin!

After polling roughly fifty students, the results are finally in. Turns out, here at McDonald County High School, 53% of students prefer Spotify.

One student commented, “Their app is easier to navigate and doesn’t start playing music right away when you open the app.”

Pandora came in at 20% and Apple Music shockingly took 27% of the votes, while Amazon Music took a sad L in this poll, receiving 0% of the votes.

Pandora’s layout

One devoted Pandora listener stated, “Pandora has a better selection of stations, while Spotify has dull playlists.”

One discrepancy was podcasts. Spotify is known for its brilliant podcasts, while Pandora just added podcasts last year.

Spotify’s layout

When it comes to the conversations of ads, Spotify still wins. It is said that 80% of Pandora’s revenue comes from their ads, which in turn causes the listener to endure the annoying “you should buy this” ad every couple of songs. For free users of Spotify, there is only an ad every thirty minutes.

So, the overall winner of the Spotify versus Pandora debate is quite obviously Spotify.

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