Student Life

A Little Advice for a Lot of Stress

By Sierra Sayers, Reagan DeSpain & Cooper Lowery

People say high school is the best four years of your life, but what they don’t say is that it can be very stressful. High school is the part of your life where you’re trying to figure who you are and what you are going to do in the future. We decided to asks some students what their biggest stress is right now and then ask the adults on what they think we should do. 

Student Responses

“Learning all my lines for drama and dances for show choir and having to remember everything. It’s hard to keep both of them in my head and not mix them up.”

Anjelle Sampson (sophomore)

“Math class is my biggest stress, because I’m not the best at math and if I do not pass the class then, I can’t participate in my favorite sport which is eSports. If I can’t do that and then I’m not enjoying myself, then what’s the point of it.”

Jacob Pagel (junior)

“I stress about money. I thought about getting a job, but with my bad sleeping habits it’s pretty hard to drive places.”

JJ Richards (senior)

“I stress about money and getting my permit.”

Meggan Beavor (sophomore)

“I need more money to be able to afford my car, and my job doesn’t pay enough so now I need a second one. Also, school. Last semester I let my grades drop, so this semester I’m going to get my butt into gear. Just trying to pull myself together. I am also stressed about my future because I changed career paths. I’m also stressed about not going to college because everyone is telling me to go to college. I would say I experienced senior-itis this year.”

Jessikah Lilly (junior)

“Paying for college, homework, and having a job.”

Natalie Staib (senior)

“I’m stressed about passing and that I’m going to graduate in less than two years because paying bills and just living on my own and just fitting in with people stresses me out.”

Kaylee Wilson (sophomore)

“My biggest stress is what I am working on right now because I am going to competition tomorrow, and I am working on the board that we started just a little bit ago. I think I am experiencing senior-itis.”

Gracie White (junior)

“My biggest stress is money. To be honest, I had a job and I got laid off, but now I got it back.”

Ashley Crowder (junior)

“School is very tough and these classes are hard to get a hold of and understand. There’s a lot of work and sometimes it’s not thoroughly explained, so you stress over it. My cat gets on my table top and it wont get off sometimes too.”

Anonymous (sophomore)

“My biggest stress is not being satisfied with what I have. Another stress is I don’t want to be alone, but I don’t like to be with people so it causes confusion. Without people, I feel like I would be unhappy.”

Anonymous (sophomore)

“My biggest stress is trying to maintain grades and all the other after school activities. My parents stress me out a lot because they always pressure me to get good grades.”

Anonymous (junior)

Teacher Responses

“Start working on accomplishing grades in school. Putting a lot of effort into studying and doing the work you’re supposed to do. Find out what your interest is. Everybody was created for something. Everyone has a talent in them. Go do job shadows (you can go shadow somebody in their work area). When you get into college, do internships. Don’t burn bridges. Even if it’s a job that is not important, you can use them later for a reference. Teachers are good references also.”

Mrs. Gilgen

“Create a budget and if it sounds stressful, there’s an app called The Every Dollar. I use it on a weekly basis, and it helps me figure out how much money I’m going it be making. I feel like everyone just aimlessly spends money without a budget. Most of you guys have a phone, and it could help you with your money. Get a planner. It is super easy to get side-tracked and waste time. Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. Learn how to say no. Maybe you should talk to your parents and tell them that you’re stressed out. Figure out what you really value in life. If you feel like you’re surrounded by people that make you feel like you should be a certain way, you probably should change your group. It shouldn’t be hard to be friends with someone.”

Mrs. Grab

“Practice patience with relationships. Invest in a company that you enjoy, such as pinterest. Don’t get married too young. Live a little first. Travel when you still have good knees and no back pain. Learn how to do your own taxes. People spend too much money on having others do their taxes for them when the process isn’t as hard as everyone thinks. Live small, buy a tiny house, and don’t buy a bunch of crap you don’t need. Having stuff can be a burden.”

Mr. Whitehead


Even though this part of our lives is stressful, we can get though it and make something of ourselves. If you relate to any of these students we hope that this article helps you.

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