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Q&A with Jacob Pagel

By Cooper Lowery

This is Jacob Pagel

Question: What is your part in the club?

(Jacob): My part is the president of the club also the team captain.

What is your job as the president of the club?

My job is to make sure people aren’t horsing around. I also schedule games and as a team captain, I look out for the team and contact the other team we go against.

Why are you part of this club?

My first year I joined because I thought “This would be fun, it could be a cool hobby.” Then I found out you can get a scholarship for this, so now my main goal is to spread this to other people and get a scholarship.

Do you have plans in life that involves gaming?

I do have one big plan that involves gaming. I want to be in the LCS (professional eSports league). Even the academy would make me happy because that’s like one big step toward professional play.

Is playing with the team fun?

Yes, playing with the team is fun. There are times where we do have arguments over what to do, but overall, we have more good days over bad days.

What is League of Legends?

League of legends is a 5v5 multiplayer game, and the idea of it is for one team to destroy the other teams base and whoever does that first wins

This is Jacob Pagel playing League of Legends

What role do you play the most in League of Legends?

My main role is top lane. I like top lane because there’s a lot you have to think about top lane and a lot of rotation going on.  It’s also kind of the first role that I got into when I first started to play.

Is League the best game by far?

League is not the best game by far. To be honest it is an unbalanced game, and there are many other games that are better. But, this is the only game you can get a scholarship for.

Do you see a future in eSports?

I see a great future in this club because if we can expand this club to freshmen and sophomores and juniors before we graduate, then we can get them started on it. That would help it grow and grow. We would get more public.

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